Petit has been working in studios since 1979. Starting at the bottom of the ladder as an intern in New York and Los Angeles, he came up through the ranks learning his engineering chops from the pros...the guys that worked in 'analog'. Petit combines his training and over 30 years of experience in the art of engineering, with an intimate knowledge of today's digital technology.

It starts with the music...

The thing that sets Petit apart is that he is a musician first...sensitive to the needs of the players on the 'other side of the glass'. Petit knows how instruments are supposed to sound and he gets that sound. He believes that each musician has their own unique sound and approach which must be captured accurately on every recording. He'll take the time to get it right - so you sound like...YOU. NO compromises.

As a producer/musician Petit speaks your language, can follow your charts and is sensitive to what you're after; freeing-up the Artist so that their sole concern becomes the performance. A level of mutual trust and confidence is reached that virtually makes Petit an additional member of the ally in the all-too-stressed studio environment.

Years of engineering has cleared the way for Petit to produce projects as intimate understanding of the workings of the studio, effective session-flow and the needs of the leader have made producing an obvious move. Producing a project requires a great deal of organization and familiarity with the 'vision' of the Artist...a shared goal. Your recording project will hit the mark with Petit will sound the way you need it to will be the album you want to make. It will be BETTER than the album you want to make.