"The recording is pristine, wonderful sounds. I'm keeping it in my car so I can play it when traveling back and forth to work. Great job!"
- Al Schmitt, multi Grammy winning, legendary engineer...re:Anthony Wilson's CAMPO BELLO album - Mr. Schmitt put it up for a Grammy.

"Petit’s “Tennessee Street" is reminiscent of the CTI label’s recordings at Rudy Van Gelder’s (House of Impeccable Recordings) and something I might have heard on the airwaves on the long defunct progressive New York City jazz radio station WRVR, which offered a radio format that went beyond typical jazz boundaries..."
- Blues Review Jan. 2013 (re:Drew Zingg's CD)

"Wow, listening to Drew Zingg's mastered CD, and am really just blown away by what a great piece of work this is. Sometimes these projects end up being kind of compromised; people have illusions about being on the radio, or the Weather Channel or whatever, but this one is strong as hell, with tons of meat on the bone, and Drew is absolutely lighting these fuc##@s on fire on all the rhythm and lead guitar stuff. Michael McDonald smokes an arrangement of the Commodores' "I'm Easy" that I wrote, Boz Scaggs tears up "Save Your Love for Me", Monét Owens just sings the hell out of a tune I wrote, Dave Mann is on there playing his ass off as usual, Will Lee, Vinnie Colaiuta, and a host of other great musicians tearing it up on this one...and I'm even singing one myself! Most excellent, the great Drew and the great George Walker Petit!"
- George Whitty, keyboards, composer, Grammy winning producer and general guru

"George, You are one awesome cat, man. Not only funny, infectiously positive, caring, fun-loving and patient as a saint, your ears are bigger than your head, which is dwarfed only by your heart!

The shit sounds fuckin' great. Can't believe it's done. I want to do more music with you, because the flow of ideas is always right on the money. Love, Will :?D "
- Will Lee, legendary bassist, The Sinning Saint !

"OK - I am listening on my 'reference system' ... and it sounds superb, competitively speaking...Balances are really spot on... timbrel balance excellent, it's phase coherent (what always drives me up a wall), use of reverb and echo really tasteful.. oh, and of course the players aren't too shabby either! What would you want to compare it to? Pick a record and if I have it, I'll stack yours up against it."
- Mr. Don Wershba, engineer and Sr. V.P., Solid State Logic

"Whoa! Bro, thank you! I'm sincerely chuffed!!! But more than that, that's freaking awesome that peeps are goin ape for the rekkid!!!
Freaking GREAT. Good news INDEED."
- Vinnie Colaiuta

"George, I just gotta say that recording "Campo Bello" with you in São Paulo was a complete groove, from beginning to end. I know the other guys felt that way too. It's uncanny how you became, like, a fifth member of the band, listening so deeply, and empathically sensing what was needed at any particular moment during the process. You know this is unusual, don't you? Yet, it's simply you, being the kind of engineer we all look for but rarely find. So, thank you so much for being that guy. Oh yeah, and sound too: that's what this is all about, right? Well, you captured our sounds truly, naturally, beautifully...musically. All I can say is that I can't wait till the next time we get to work together, and it better be soon."
- Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer/arranger, wine guru (also guitarist with Diana Krall)

"For our third CD release, we decided to take a chance and hire an engineer that we've never worked with before. We've heard (and loved) many of his other projects, and we were really looking forward to working with him. Little did we know just how much he does from the beginning to the end of the project. He doen't just show up on the recording day and twiddle knobs and place mics. From the beginning, he was negotiating with the studio to get us a better deal and better choice of equipment. During the recording session, he was always the first one in and the last to leave, and he knew when to step in and make suggestions (and when not to). Mixing was actually a fun process, instead of the chore it usually is. He was back at it again when it came time to master, securing us a GREAT deal with an amazing mastering engineer, and he listened to all the mastering options with us to help us better interface with that engineer. An finally, when our pressing company was dragging their feet, he put in a call to them to help expedite things. Beginning to end, you get a LOT when you work with Petit, Oh, and it happens to be the best sounding CD we've recorded, and among the best sounding CDs in any of our collections!"
-TRI-FI - trio including Matthew Fries, Phil Palombi and Keith Hall

"George is a truly gifted producer who works on a project from the inside out. In my experiences working with him (and there have been many) I have found him to be creative, thoughtful, straightforward and let's face it -- his records sound not just good, but great! He understands music on a level that most can only dream about. I've always thought it was his infatuation with turtles, but that's a whole other story. "
-Emily Lazar
Chief Mastering Engineer
The Lodge

“I’ve never heard my drums sound like that ... the brilliance & clarity of the sonic orchestration ... I’ve never heard anyone put so much care and attention into the nuance of the music ... "
-Tony Moreno, Drummer

"George Walker Petit is no stranger to jazz musicians since he is one of the top recording engineers in New York City..."
-Budd Kopman, allaboutaazz.com

"Hi George, I wanted to tell you that I have been enjoying the music on your website all day. I have had it running in the background and it is wonderful. I love hearing well engineered and produced music when the musicianship is so fantastic. I ran across you after watching the short called The Drummer. I am a drummer myself and have done a fair amout of recording and I know how valuable a talented engineer and producer are to a project. You are one of those Alan Parson style guys I think. Clarity and precision rule the day. "
- Kevin Dunlap, Drummer

"Hey George...SOOOOOO great to work with you! You are the real deal man, loved every minute and I know you helped us get some amazing sounds!
Thank you so much for everything...I am extremely proud of what we did yesterday, thanks!"
- Keith Hall, Drummer

"I've worked with George on a few projects before, and he was my first and only choice for my tribute to Scott LaFaro. He does so much more than simply engineer a session. For starters, he helped me pick the right studio, then proceeded to take the reins and interface with the studio to make sure I was getting the best room with their best equipment at their best price. During the recording, he knows how to balance what needs to be taken care of from an engineering standpoint and what the musicians need to have to be comfortable. Most importantly, he takes the time to make sure mic placements are absolutely perfect! He can really capture amazing sounds. He has a great system for mixing which allows for me to hear the mixes at my house on my system rather than sitting in a studio that I'm unfamiliar with (which also saved me a lot of money). When it came time to master, he helped me pick a mastering engineer and took an active role in the process to make sure the project came out perfect. The final product came out amazing and is certainly one of the best sounding CDs in my collection! See you on the next one, G."
-Phil Palombi, Grammy winning bassist, leader.

"George is the most dedicated engineer I've worked with, by several orders of magnitude. I told him what I was looking to do, and he made it his business
to come to rehearsals and discuss through several meetings his ideas for how
to capture the sound I wanted. He also works very hard in the studio to both
provide a fun atmosphere and help keep everything on schedule. When needed, George's experience as a producer can be invaluable; he saved my bacon with wise advice at a crucial moment in the studio."
-Paul Carlon, saxophonist/composer/arranger/leader

"I wish you could listen to the tracks pre-George and post-George. If you do, even though George doesn't play a note on our recording, you'll hear him as clearly as any instrument on which he worked his magic. When we asked him to mix our recording, he asked us for audio samples in advance along with key words which might help him situate himself within our musical vision. Which key words would I use to describe George? Passion, intelligence, experience, modesty, creativity and great instincts... in other words, everything you'd want in a person to whom you give your trust and your music."
-Kyoko Kitamura, Vocalist, ok l ok

"Hey George. I threw a track on my stereo today. Sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm really happy. Of course I'll need to give it a few days before I can have an objective opinion on our musical performance, but the bit I heard sounds good (and that's unusual for negative me!).
- Matthew Fries, pianist/composer

"After you've spent hours to create it, write it & shed it--get Petit.
If you can stick it, blow it, sing it or fret it--get Petit.
Trying to save cash recording your non-lucrative jazz music? Forget it--get Petit. Want a killer drum sound, but don't know how to get it?--get Petit.
Ready to blow some dough in the studi-o and not regret it?--get Petit.
Like to spend time in a cheap but nice place in Jersey laying tracks where your bass drum comes out all distorted with no f*cking bottom, plus some f*cked-up track separation, then spend hours trying to fix and retred it?--don't get Petit...until the mixing stage...but I wouldn't recommend it.
From start to finish, I've already said it:
-William Beaver Bausch, Drummer/Philosopher...

"I had the chance and privilege of working with George in my first studio work as a leader.  With his deep knowledge as an engineer and years of musicianship, he is very much at ease with seeing all dimensions of music production.  In my sessions, apart from his contribution as an engineer, he was also instrumental with his musical insight, comments and suggestions!  George's drums sound is second to none!  His recording of horns is so full of air and organic!  His placing of bass in the mix?  That is where he feels totally at home!  He is open to all sorts of musical ideas and idioms; and even if you demand the most difficult thing to achieve, he would deliver it to you no matter how!"
-Alper Yilmaz, Composer/Bassist

"I have never been a part of a more smoothly run, efficient recording process - let alone been the leader of one. George Petit was absolutely the reason for this fulfilling experience. George's #1 priority is to make the best recording possible. However, he has an uncanny ability to have fun in the process making the whole recording/tracking experience enjoyable for everyone involved."
-Ryan Keberle, Trombone/Composer/Leader

"George Petit is a rare creature: an engineer that is fully invested in each project as if he were part of the band. He has a great ear and is always enthusiastic and full of ideas."
-Dave Allen, Guitarist/Composer

"George knows how to get into the mind of the musican, bringing the beauty of the music to fruition. In fact, George has done the impossible... he is a
fabulous musician and an incredible engineer!"
-Allison Miller, Drummer/Composer

"When I first heard George's music, I thought, "there is NO WAY this guy will work with me, HE IS WAY TOO GOOD!"  Luckily for me, he liked my music too, and together we made an independently produced album that is now selling like crazy!  I think George has INCREDIBLE taste and AMAZING guitar chops.  He was a pleasure to work with (we NEVER argued) and brought the best talent in New York City to play on the album.  I will work with George as long as he will fit me into his schedule.   He is worth every penny and more.  His elegance, kindness, straight forward opinions and friendship are invaluable."
--Cady McClain, Singer/Songwriter, Emmy Award-winning actress

"George is a fantastic engineer and producer. Regardless of the style or configuration of the ensemble, he is dedicated to producing absolutely top-notch recordings. I have worked with George on several projects at his studio and I'm always knocked out by the results!"
--Mark Dodge, Drummer/Percussionist

"I have worked with George Petit on the bandstand and behind the console. In both places his concept of sound and musical instincts are strong. As an engineer, I don't think you could trust anyone more than George to get what you are looking for in the most professional, helpful way."
-Dave Ambrosio, Bassist

"Nowadays, in New York city, I see too few producers or engineers taking risks in the studio. George not only does it, but always for creative purpose and in a very efficient way. When working with George you always feel like part of a team and an active member of the project; for me, at the end of the day, it is the greatest feeling you can have in this business."
-Yvan Bing, engineer

"George Petit is a musician first. He understands the music and is willing to go the extra mile to make your project sound great. Thanks, George"
-Brian Drye, Trombonist - The Four Bags

"First off, George's main priority is to help you achieve your musical vision. He considers that his #1 job, and he loves it. He's completely open-minded, and more than happy to dive into whatever zone you want to take your music into. I think his two favorite phrases must be "not a problem", and "no worries". Much to my peace of mind, I heard those phrases countless times during my project there. Secondly, George has a palette that's truly broad...from straight ahead jazz, to rock, pop and beyond, and even sounds that are just being invented, he's willing, and has the ears to make the music come alive. Which brings us to thirdly -- you'd be hard pressed to find another engineer with George's combination of knowledge, experience, intelligence, and creativity."
-Bill Block, Composer/singer/director

"George -- thanks, and thanks...and thanks."
-Matt Shulman, Jazz Artist of the Year 2003 Independent Music Awards

"If you want an engineer with an attention to detail, George is your guy; he is right there with you in the studio, checking out every detail of your sound, mic
placement, instrument, and what equipment will be used after the microphone that could alter color or depth in any way. With the number of hours I spend working on my own tone and color at home and on the bandstand, believe me, that's the detail I like to see and hear when I am in the studio. He's committed to your sound, and that makes all the difference to me. Not to mention that it really helps have an engineer that understands the absolute necessity of having quality chocolate in the studio for that little burst of energy on the 17th take!!!"
-Thomson Kneeland, Bassist/Composer

"All I know is you are the producer of choice any time I have a choice."
-Jay Leonhart, Bassist

"My first experience with George in his studio was mixing a live recording from 6 tracks that someone else had tracked. He used great patience and skill to really understand the sonic difficulties of the room it was recorded in and the equipment and mic placements used. Ultimately, George was able to completely redefine the mix and get at the essence of the original musical intent. He has an incredible combination of technical skill, great ears with great acoustic jazz sensibilities, plenty of ideas at hand, and, most importantly, an ability to work with musicians to really divine the ultimate outcome for the project at hand. Next time he'll be the one we use from beginning to end."
-Pete Smith, Guitarist/ Composer for the Actual Trio

"The quality that sets George apart from the rest is that he wants to capture the way you feel that you sound, and will do whatever it takes to acheive that goal. He made the recording experience so comfortable that in the end, all you have to do is enjoy the moment. Thanks George!"
-Mark Small, Saxophonist/Composer/Arranger

"George Petit has helped me achieve my artistic vision on my recordings. Rarely do you find someone who knows how to record, mix, and produce, and has a great vibe. It's great to work with someone who cares as much about making your project sound great as you do. Great sound, great vibe, and great coffee."
-Justin Flynn, Saxophonist/Composer/Arranger

"George is an exceptional engineer who really understands music and sound reproduction on the highest level. Whether recording or mixing he captures the sound of each individual instrument, the sound and concept of the entire group, all while taking into account the material being performed. He is happy to listen to any suggestions to help the artist get what they are hearing and he offers good suggestions as well, without trying to impose his "Sound Concept" on the project. These are the signs of a good producer. George puts the time and care into each project he is involved in to get it right the first time. "There is no point in doing a sloppy, rushed job if you're going to have to go back and fix it later". Those are words he works and lives by. His ears are tremendous when it comes to tweaking sounds and mixes. He'll take something that you think sounds good and, in a few minutes, make it sound amazing. George Petit is an asset to any recording project."
-Carlo Derosa, Bassist/Composer

"Petit is a good vibes machine! His enthusiasm is immeasurable, without being obtrusive. he's a fantastic musician, and he's got the engineering skills and experience to match his total commitment to delivering the optimal end result."
-Jason Wildman, Drummer/Composer

"George Petit is the only engineer I’ve ever trusted enough to say: “Go work your mixing magic. I’ll see you when it’s done." Now it’s being mastered, and I’ve been able to keep my attention on things that are really important to me: playing, writing, teaching, my 2-year-old daughter. I don’t have to worry about that nagging feeling I’ve had in so many other recording projects – namely ‘why doesn’t this sound better?’ George has a very deep understanding of sound and time, both of which are very mysterious. And since he’s also an incredible musical artist, he GETS IT!"
-Khabu Young, guitarist, composer. ok l ok

"When we did our session, we were in the control room listening back to a take. Suddenly, George stood up and said, "Alex! What's that noise? Is it on the tracks?" I didn't know what he was talking about - I hadn't heard a thing. It turns out, there was a mosquito in the men's room, creating a buzz in the ride cymbal frequency range. We killed it - the blood is still on the men's room mirror. The guy's ears are that good."
-Jeremy Bacon, pianist, composer co-leader of CORE, Conan O'Brien's writer...

"I just finished mastering a recording that was engineered by George Petit. It's a quartet record, co-led by Justin Flynn on tenor sax, with Ugonna Okegwo on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums. We recorded at Right Track A509, and let me tell you, George did an incredible job. He's got the ears of a fine musician (which he is, by the way) and a deep knowledge of engineering. It's like having a member of the band in the control room taking care of things for you, so you can just play. He really made the entire experience relaxed and focused, which resulting in a kick-ass recording (if I do say so myself). I would highly recommend George Petit to anyone who plans to head into the studio."
-Jeremy Bacon, without the customary humor...Thanks, J !