I have been engineering and mixing at Na Cena Studios - a lovely room in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I am offered preferential rates...I know the room well and helped design the layout and train the staff...a great alternative to recording in NYC. The desk is my old AMEK/Neve in their studio A, and an SSL AWS 900 in Studio B...fantastic sounding Yamaha grand piano (sounds more like a Steinway..really), and a large live room.

Some of the Brasilian players i have had the pleasure of working with in Sao Paulo...

EdĂș Ribeiro
Guto Wirtti
André Mehmari
Ricardo Mosca
Cuca Teixeira
Neymar Dias
Marcelo Rocha
Pepe Rodriguez
Marcelo Lima
Paola Lima
Walmir Borges
Celio Barros
Yaniel Matos
Tuto Ferraz
Guilherme Marques
Teco Cardoso
Emilio Mendonca
Thiago Espirito Santo
...and a few others...