This is a simple concept, really, and one that has become inevitable in this day and age.

There are three crucial issues with mixing a project: the technology, the expertise, and the money.

Let's look at the tech first. There are myriad software platforms and tools available with which one can record music and manipulate the results...from garage band to protools to nuendo to cubase to...dozens more. 'Digital' has changed the industry. In most cases these days, the quality of the final product doesn't come up to the standards an Artist demands and an audience appreciates. Just having the software doesn't mean the 'operator' is an engineer!

This brings me to the 'expertise'. Simply knowing how to push the buttons to get a sound into the computer, or open up a 'plugin' that instantly compresses your vocal track is NOT enough. What is it you are going for? Why doesn't your tune sound right? What the hell is 'compression ratio' anyway? What frequencies on the acoustic bass are making the mix muddy? Where did my guitar sound go? What is the difference between the many reverb programs and their parameters? Why do things sound unbalanced and unprofessional?

This is where you need a engineer - and if possible, one that is also a professional, working musician and producer - someone that has come up through all this technology and has practiced the Art of recording and mixing before the computer-based applications came around. An engineer that remembers when the term 'eq' was called 'correction'...what microphone choice and placement is about...what types of reverbs work well together...and so many other elements that only time and experience can instruct. I have had that time, I have developed that experience.

Now, let's talk about the money...

Let's say you want to record your group 'live' to get that special sound of interaction and communication between the musicians...and you don't have either the correct acoustic space or the expensive gear to make this happen, or to make the final results sound like what you hear on professional releases...been there? So you need to rent space in a recording studio for tracking (recording) the music...costs range from $50/hour to $3000/day. You know the drill. And then you have to pay for editorial and mix days...and mastering...

Well, you know this already...If you go 'cheap in', you get 'cheap out'. Perhaps you've chosen an 'economical' studio with a 'house engineer' that basically runs the studio like a business, and has long since stopped caring about or taking responsibility for a great final product...or worse, the 'assistant guy' that you get for the low budget room you are using is basically just that, an assistant. Well great, man, you have thrown years at practice, huge emotional and financial investments at a project that will NOT sound the way you want your music to sound. Is that REALLY worth it? Do you TRUST that approach with your music...and your MONEY? Honestly, if you do, don't call me! If you haven't learned that better ingredients make a better meal...well...

Then you have to edit the songs...get rid of the 'noise'...the 'clicks' and 'pops'...the 'bad' notes...and perhaps (in a lot of cases now) you need to tune some performances here and there (but in a tasteful way!)...well, there's software for that as well, right? Of course. Again...what do you use and HOW do you use it? Do you have the experience to edit a song to create an emotional 'arc' to its evolution?

And then you have to mix it all to sound 'right' and exciting...whatever the genre - jazz, singer/songwriter, pop, country. You need a mix that will make your music jump out of the speakers.

Got a stress headache yet? All this is daunting...and for many of you, it's old news. So how do you make it all happen? At a VERY high level of quality? Without loss of creative input or control?

I have your solution.

Having spent over 30 years working in studios, I have spent hundreds, in fact thousands of hours producing, engineering, recording and mixing projects across all genres. And as a professional musician, I am sensitive to what an Artist 'needs'...I 'get it'. Understanding the need to make these projects happen these days at a reasonable cost, I have set up a system for Editing and Mixing in my a VERY high quality level. This is not a 'project studio'. This is top of the line.

Thus we have 'e-mixing'.

I have been taking on such projects for the last few years...using this new approach to do your editing and mixing in my own studio. At a cost that is FAR below what you might expect with impressive results.