02.09.19Savannah Roberts

Hi, wanted to comment what a great site you have. I just wanted to ask though, could your company handle more customers?

We connect people interested in your niche with you. Your about to discover how we can drive more vistitors to your site:


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If you did not like this commercial message you may opt out here: https://bestsitevisitors.icu/unsubscribe.php?site=petitjazz.com

02.07.19Mackenzie Phillips

Thanks for putting up such a good website. How is your facebook advertising going?

We specialize in facebook ads, in fact we have a free video training on the 3 simple ways to target customers with facebook ads:


Hope its useful and we would love to hear your feedback.

Mackenzie P
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01.31.19Spencer Blackman

Hi there - just curious if you are doing another trior or quartet gig in burlington or nearby anytime soon. Thanks!

12.31.18Lakshay Goyal

I know that it was the third to last song you guys performed tonight. I believe.

12.30.18Lakshay Goyal

How’s it going? I just saw you and your trio perform at the Stowe Ski Resort and I thought it was awesome. I’m an aspiring musician and there was one song that I heard that absolutely loved and I was wondering if you could tell me what it was, whether it was an original or cover. I don’t remember much but I know the hook was “now we are dancing...dancing on the ice...second guessing every move". I really was wanting to make a cover of it because I loved the guitar arrangement too. If I need to pay for the tabs I’m fine with that.
Thank you sir for the help

12.19.18Keith S.

Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

We don\'t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I\'ll share my portfolio with you.

12.19.18Keith S.

Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

11.03.18Ed Ludwig

I got your reference from a good musician.

I am NOT a professional musician, but I can play guitar and sing. I am 67 and played for a number of years with a folk/rock trio in low key venues back in the day.


I want to record a few “future message" tunes ( focus: Forever Young by Dylan and maybe Cats in the Cradle by Chaplin) for my new Granddaughters ( ages 6 months and 14 days) before I become senile some day . I never met my Grandfathers! I live at W 66th by Lincoln Center. Game? 201-805-5984. Cell [ I can afford to pay]

10.16.18Tom Morisaki

Hi George,

I\'ve been a huge fan of Drew Zingg\'s masterful guitar playing ever since I heard him with Steely Dan. I wasn\'t aware of his solo CD/DVD release until only recently and would like to purchase both in hardcopy. All attempts to reach his website dzdap.com take me to a blank webpage with the text \"403 Forbidden\". I hope you can help me secure a copy of both the CD and DVD. I spread the word of DZ every chance I get and no one has been anything less than floored by how great and creative of a guitar player he is. Here\'s my contact info:

Tom Morisaki
925 Bernice Ave
St. Louis, MO 63122
(314)814-4679 (cell)

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Best regards,

08.13.18Lauren Bass


Susanna Keefer very kindly referred me to you. I would love to learn more about your work and possible availability for my wedding on Dec 1st of this year.

I live in Stowe and will have the ceremony in town. (646) 436-6616

Thank you, Lauren

Hope to hear from you, Lauren

07.26.18Michelle Brown

Hello, Michelle Brown here, from Seven Days.
Congratulations on being a Seven Daysies Finalist. All finalists and winners are cordially invited to attend the party. Here is the link to purchase tickets to the party: https://sevendaystickets.com/events/2018-seven-daysies
Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the nonprofit Daysies winner.
Hope to see you there!

06.29.18Edee Simon-Israel

Hello! I live in Stowe part-time (summer); I have enjoyed your music often! My husband and I are throwing a party in honor of our son and his bride (married last month) for them to meet our friends while they are visiting VT. The date is SUNDAY AUGUST 26TH, from 6 to 9-ish, at West Branch Gallery. Would you be available to play??? Not sure how many musiciians we would want (solo would be great but if you wanted to play with others we are very open...we just want great music to enhance the lovely setting and the delicious food! Please get back to me...either via email or mobile (617.797.4316)

ps: I live in London part time...do you know where your London gigs will be yet?

06.09.18Paul Sokal

You mentioned a gig at Foam. You\'re not on their calendar yet. Do you mail a list of local VT gigs?

03.05.18Stephen (Steve) Marshall VC'81

Long time no speak.
Wazzup with you & how, if at all, can I telephone and/or text you?
917-744-1322 in Chelsea...

02.25.18Greg Zlevor

Great Meeting you this week.

I look forward to helping where I can on the Jazz weekend.

Greg Z

11.10.17Barrington Brown

Hi George,

I read your Sonicscoop review on the SSL Nucleus and wanted to ask are you still happy with it after this period of time? I found your user review very succinct.

As I am thinking of purchasing the updated Nucleus 2 for my project studio. So any feedback would be appreciated.


Barrington Brown

10.15.17Rob Foregger

George— greetings from NextCapital. It is my wife Rebecca’s 50th surprise b-day party on Dec 2. We are going to go up at “The Cabin" at Trapps. I was wondering if you would be interested in playing. We are going be there from 4-9pm (it is a Saturday)

We would love to have you. 802-760-8436

Rob Foregger

06.30.17Chris Templeton

George- That was nice to come out and hear the group last night.
I have been recording some at Caleb Bronz's tracking studio, in Winooski and I have an easy 4:00 "honkey rap" (2 changes) I've been working on and would like to put you on it. I imagine it would take you 1- 1 /2 hours to track it at Caleb's . I'd pay $80.
Send me an email and I'll send (attach) you the rough of it. Caleb-drums, Eric Hoh-bass, Bart Feller, rhythm guitar.
The session would be after the 4th. We can set a date after then.
Chris Templeton

06.24.17frank springer

i love watching and hearing you play.
thank you for doing shows in small local venues
exciting and motivating
also humbling at the same time.
i've been playting guitars for 50 years and i don't know s##t.

05.26.17Andy Dudnick

George, I am a San Francisco jazz musician who has a gig coming up with a singer who wants to perform your beautiful song Crescent Moon. I also just sent Bill Block an email asking him if he wouldn't mind sending me the chart for it and thought I should ask you as well. Thanks for considering it. Andy. www.andydudnick.com.

05.07.17Scott MacDonald

Hi, my friend Patrick Ambrosia who's brother David is someone you've worked with. I just relocated to VT as well, after 26 years of making and repairing guitars in NY. I thought I'd say hi, and start spreading the word. New friends and networks are vital for personal and professional survival! I can tell only great things are ahead. Vermont is such a great place. I hope your relocation here has been wonderful for you, too. Please visit my website at customguitars.com if you'd like! Best, Scott

02.19.17Tom Leland

George! From the long lost Biederman days....cool site you have here, hope all's well. Wondering if you remember a video we did for NYU, where we shot a breif quote from Trump. I remember doing it, and briefing Trump...can only assume you were involved, though I don't remember...

11.28.16Jerry Ulichny


My name is Jerry Ulichny, I am a student up at UVM, currently taking lessons with Joe Capps. I saw you play with Tom Cleary over the summer at Halversons and was really blown away. I have been wanting to find a new teacher, and was wondering if you give lessons? I would love to be able to meet up with you for a session so you can see if I'm at a place where you would be interested in providing me with instruction. Please let me know, I would really love the opportunity.

Jerry Ulichny

08.19.16Christina Pahountis

Dear George,

My name is Christina Pahountis with JAZZIZ Magazine. We received your information into the office this morning and wanted to follow up with you. Please contact us at office@jazziz.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

All the best,



Hey George -
I'm about to start mixing and mastering, and I was wondering if you can suggest the best way to get a good mex. And by that I mean, is there some kind of software or hardware that you use to get a good mix?


01.25.16Marc Rutters

Heya George, that was quite a treat hanging out with you and your wife at the show. I hope the show was successful for you. anyway I wanted to get you my contact information you can call or email anytime but no rush. Thanks Marc Rutters 760-594-1407


WOW Nicole!!! These are AMAZING!!! they seem like such a fun and cute couple!!! Have fun shnoitog their wedding (cant wait to see those pictures!!! http://hsqskazk.com [url=http://mrsksgbf.com]mrsksgbf[/url] [link=http://vufnxh.com]vufnxh[/link]


This looks uber-professional! The magazine ad feel is uniuqe and a great way to highlight this cool couple. You've definitley given them a ton of variety!


LOVE this! I totally love how you threw qteuos in there. I love how its barely edgy for a seemly edgy couple..the style all seems to mesh perfectly! Great pictures! http://cjeiktnsfgk.com [url=http://ltgnblj.com]ltgnblj[/url] [link=http://xjqxvmq.com]xjqxvmq[/link]


Nicole you are awesome at wedginds! These totally rock! Great processing, color and you captured so many different emotions and special times at this wedding! Your bride and groom were lucky to have you!


Incredible is an understatement for the phporgoather Nicole is. She does an amazing job and is awesome to work with. We were EXTREMELY happy with these pictures, as I knew we would be. We can't wait to see what she does for the wedding and can't wait for her to celebrate with us! Not only is she very talented at what she does, i'm proud that she's one of my good friends <3 Thanks Nic!

08.31.15Devon Brewer

Dear Mr. Petit,
I just watched "The Drummer" for the first time and enjoyed it very much. I was wondering how I might be able to buy a recording of the song "Beat's Boogie". Do you have an mp3 version of it available? I would love to learn the drum part to the song and play along with the music.

Thank you,
Devon Brewer

04.24.15Bruno LAMETRIE

Salut George,
Peux-tu m'envoyer une biographie de toi comme guitariste-compositeur, plus quelques photos de toi à la guitare.
C'est pour faire une maquette de présentation.
Je te parlerai de mon projet dans quelques jours.
A bientôt.

04.12.15Alper Yilmaz

Hey George,

I hope this message finds you well... How are things, man?

I am quite fine these days based more in Istanbul and less in NYC, but I still keep an apartment in Brooklyn and come back there every other month.

Anyway, I just recorded my third album. It is a piano trio with electric bass and drums. The exact configutation of the band is:

on 4 of the songs, acoustic piano, electric bass, drums
on 3 of the songs, Rhodes, electric bass, drums

I might add a bonus track which is a live two-track recording of one of the songs. We are looking for a acoustic sound with very little touch to the tones in general. As we used booths, there is no bleed at all. I am looking for a good separation and high sound stage. I am planning to work with Emily Lazar again for mastering. The album will be released in the CD form in the U.S. and as an LP in Europe. Also, I am planning to sell the HD versions of it (44.1-24).

You are still doing the e-mixing thing, I assume. Could you please let me know about your rates and the terms you work under?

Looking forward to hearing from you, man...



04.06.15pete smyle

Hi George,
I'm finally getting back to you. I love end of august you gave me last summer at your gig with Chris Peterman in Burlington. I've listened to it countless times and it's really great to hear your playing. Of all jazz guitarists I've seen here in town you've been my favorite. Hope you liked Los Ladrones. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Fischer in Boston. She and her band were amazing! If you can make it she will be doing 6 shows at Birdland April 23 -25. I highly recommend it. Hope to see you in burlington in June if you get up here. Thanks again, great work!


03.21.15Remy Michel

Hey, how are you doing? We met at the guitar center in West Palm Beach. I ask you who should I listen to as far as guitar player for soloing and etc.

02.22.15David Tkaczuk-Grado PS500's Q.

Hello George :
I read your article on mixing with headphones and specifically the Grado's.
Unfortunately, I can't really justify going for the PS1000's, but, I am considering the PS500's for mixing. The other candidates would be the HD600's, K701's and the Sony MD7509HD's.
Do you have any thoughts on why the Grado's might be a better choice ?
Many thanks !

12.14.14please enter name Pat Rocco

I just kind of ran into George Walker Petit on FB and finding a new guitarist to admire, to me, is like the old days when I couldn't wait for my favorite groups next album to come out, that same kind of feeling. So he was kind enough to say 'hello' and sent me a link to this wonderful site and I am completely knocked out. I can;t tell you how much I appreciate it.

11.18.14David Sempau

Great work you did with Bill Block in “The Drummer", an exquisite piece of art that made me burst i tears for my failed (but everlasting) calling for music, jazz and drums, that I was not able to defend in front of family pressures for a more “serious", “normal" and “profitable" living. The results have been catastrophic in my life, but I do not want to bore you any longer with that. I tried unsuccessfully to find a link to Bill Block. Any suggestion there?

Best wishes and keep groovin’!

David Sempau

10.31.14Tim McEneany

I read your article about the SSL Nucleus on sonicscoop.com. I was curious to know if you still use it?

08.26.14Squire Mahoney

Hey've had a tough few months with parents and i un friended you on facebook because some common frinds were feeding me some negative dtuff at a time when i just didn't want any more negatives in my life and I found myself agreeing with them...and that's total bullshit because you have never been anything but a good friend to me! Forgive me for being selfish ,but at the time I just said fuck it..I'll just unfriend him rather than say anything I'l regret latter Goerge, I was angry at the world ,jealous and more and I didn't want to to be a dick and go there so ..i just cut the tie...hope you can forgiver me Bro?

06.17.14jo-anna silver-sparta

just came across an email from when we worked together-as you said in it-"jeezum crowe-how lon's it been?"
hope all is well with you & yours. are you living in vermont again(all the gigs upcoming)?
i would love to catch up & work with you again. have only been gig-ing in corporate america-faute de necessitie-lol!
very best,

06.17.14daniel cuscela

Hello George ..
I appreciated your fine review of the Phonitor 2. I am fortunate to have one and originally for headphones, but now introduced it to my main system, between my ps audio dac mk II output and mark Levinson 331 amp.
This is sonically mucho better than running the dac directly into my 331...(despite ps audio stating otherwise, they prefer no preamp, but in now disagree.)
My question is, what are the best settings on the Phonitor 2 as a pre amp? Should I disregard all the matrix and cross feed settings? And I just set the bottom DIP switches to "RCA input level conversion" only..and not "insert loop" ; as that seems to be for the headphone section, correct so far?
I appreciate your excellent review for the headphone section, just need some assistance and your setting recommendations as a preamp.

06.09.14Diana Simpson


I don’t usually reach out personally, but as I was browsing through new Kickstarter campaigns yours caught my eye. I usually look through new campaigns to keep up with current trends, and although yours looks good, I can tremendously help you increase visibility to potential, niche targeted backers.

If you’re interested drop me a line and I’ll get back to you within 24h.

We’ve helped raise over 1.1mil for my clients through crowdfunding over the last 18 months alone … I kind of specialize in this…Don’t take my word for, you can learn more here:
Website: socialtigers dot com/crowdfunding
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Email: synergy at socialtigers dot com

Pps. I’m sure you get similar messages all the time… This one will be worth your time to check out.

06.03.14Brad Carpenter

Saw you gigging at the Smokehouse in Waitsfield last Friday night. You had just killed it on "Blues For Pat," when I spoke with you. You mentioned that your L-5 was custom etc. Anyway, I'm your newest fan. Purchased "End of August" and "Drew Zingg" from CD Baby this morning. I'm also interested in your work with Anthony Wilson, who is awesome! (I've seen him with DK several times.) I'm going to hit you up on FB, and I'd love to try to get you to a place in CT called "The Side Door," a small club in Old Lyme. Have you heard of it? Where and when do you play in NYC? Anyway, thank you again for taking a moment to say hello to a new fan. You are awesome GWP.

04.11.14Lee Eide

George, it was a real pleasure meeting you. My wife says when you get a gig at Jazz Alley in Seattle we will be there. She really likes Brazilian music, me too. You have turned me on to a lot of infromation and listening opps. I bought a copy of Drew Zingg. Great album and i love his guitar tone.

I checked out many of your videos starting with chords, pedals etc. Loved "Monique" with your brother. So much stuff to listen to.

As far as our morning at Rudy's- doesn't get much better than that. I want to keep in touch and wish you all the success you deserve. It is a lot!!!!-Lee

02.19.14Andy Steinborn

Hi George,
Just set up the office in our new house, poking around FB and clicked on the link. Enjoying the End of August...


saw you on facebook great playing
i checked out your cite
my name is mark...i'm a guitar player here in miami
hope to hear from ya,


Hi George, I Im admiring your guitar skills as i write this email.
great tone great scales, where did you school? also im interested in staring a home studio here in jakarta, I was wondering how you like the ssl nucleus. which im considering and use the xdesk as a summing board.

i look forward to hearing your comments and keep up the great music.

anthony thompson

05.31.13Mike Gismondi

Hey George. Not sure if you had my private e-mail & cell.... just in case you bail on the FB thing. :-) Always a pleasure communicating with you. The Drew Gig was AWSOME! Congradulations!!!

04.17.13Rob Graham

Right so. I've migrated from Facebook to here. It's a sort of 'just in case' measure...

09.15.12Drea Rhenee

Hey George, I absolutely loved talking with you and Drew on Wed night after the Mike McDonald show. As discussed I am currently planning to work on completing a jazz CD and would love any assistance that you could offer. I would like to complete a project that had a brazillian/bossa/soulful flavor if that makes any sence. I do have some musicians here in Nashville that I could work with and I would love, love, love to work with you or anyone that you would recommend. I do have a song recorded that I would like to share with you and get your feed back. If you would give me a call 770-365-4968 or email me to let me know when I could discuss this further with you. Thank you sooooooooo much for your time and consideration.

Drea Rhenee'

P.S. Drew's CD....awesome!


Hi George,
I know you're pretty busy, but I read your review of the SSL Nucleus on Sonic Scoop and was truly impressed. Currently I have the Mackie MCU Pro + 2 Extenders and the main units backilight went out twice now! I was think I might invest in the Nucleus as a replacement. The price is somewhat out of my budget, but I don't want to go through the headache anymore with the Mackie units. Would you say I should sell them and jump head first at the Nucleus? Do you still use it in your studio? Let me know your feedback. And lets build.

New friend,
Eric Isles aka E.I.
Uplifted Productions, LLC

05.31.12Pierre Schnehage

Hi George

I read your rave review on the SSL Nucleus. Gorgeous piece of gear. Something that I'm almost afraid to ask and I have searched high and low for and answer.
Will the SSL "see" any other interface along with its own USB connection?
Perhaps if I run an Apogee Symphony or Orpeus or some such, would I be able to control it from the SSL?

BTW, if this is you playing guitar on your site,,, it's beautiful.


04.15.12Cameron Reid

Hi George, this is Cameron Reid again. Our local music school trip was very successfull in New York, thanks for looking into them visiting a real studio, maybe another year ?
Lastly a friend of mine Greg Walker from Manchester may contact you, he is a great musician loves Brazil, he self produced a coupleof cds.
Must go, regards Cameron Reid (Aiglon)

04.11.12Kevin O'Connor

Hey George,
Thanks so much for the call today, I appreciate the great vibe, I look forward to getting together at your conveinence. Love to get into the city any chance I get. Usually toward the end of week or weekend works better for me. I have a few new tunes up on my site if you get a chance, "Radiate" & "Peace and Love" www.koguitar.com

Look forward to speaking soon,

01.23.12Jen Browne

Just finished watching The Drummer and fell in love with it. Two of my kids are drummers and I play trumpet in a big band (over 40 and struggling with the necessity of accountability) so it was very relevant.

Is there anywhere I can purchase the MP3 of Crescent Moon? My searches are failing me.

11.10.11Cameron Reid

Dear George, You may not rember me but we were at Aiglon, its been a long time. I live in the east of England, with Louisa my wife and two great children (of course !) The music school my son played at (drums) is hoping to send some musicians to New York end march early April 2012. They are playing in central park and one or two schools in the area. I can't come with them but I wonder if they would be able to see how a professional studio works and visit you ? I know this is asking a lot and I will not be coming but if it was a possibility it would be a fantastic experience for them. They are unaware that I have approached you so if you are committed to other things then there is no problem turning it down. I know I am pushing it a bit as I won't be attending. let me know, I hope you don't mind me asking and I hope that maybe one day I will visit (my wife would love New York)
Thank you for your time etc and please do not worry about not being able to do it. I hope you are well and your music career is thriving. You may not remember but you lent me your copy of GB's Breezin and Jeff becks Blow by Blow. kind regards, Cameron Reid

11.02.11kevin walker

Hi George,
I met you at our booth at the AES show, you saw the Phoenix Mastering compressor and our Rock active monitors too. I've emailed Jeff at Vintage King to remind him about the Phoenix demo that you requested and I'm also getting in touch if you'd like me to arrange sending a demo pair of The Rock monitors to you too?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

Kevin Walker

09.29.11Larry G. Goldman

Hi George, was spinning about the web and landed her from the article you wrote ab out being a record producer. Just wanted to send you a big hello from Los Angeles. I'm a bassist, composer and lately producing videos for musical ensembles (full orchestras and some smaller group stuff). I've had a varied career as a musician and have also had the pleasure of playing with a lot of musicians from So. America (Argentina, Brazil, Venezeula, Columbia) Central America as well as Europe and the Middle East and Asia. So when I heard your Brazilian tracks my ear listened up a bit more. I really like what I'm hearing and thought I'd write you to let you know. If you're on Facebook, you can friend me if you like at: https://www.facebook.com/Larry.G.Goldman I look forward to hearing more music from you. For now, I'll catch you later... Larry G. Goldman