Circle DanceTri-Fi...Staring Into The Sun

One of so many wonderful compositions on this record...can't get enough of Tri Fi !

Tri-Fi...Staring Into The Sun

She Knows MeAdam Smale...Out Of The Blue

...a truly GORGEOUS ballad from Adam

Adam Smale...Out Of The Blue

drew zingg - megashine city (previously unreleased steely dan tune) (eng/prod/mix)


anthony wilson - elyria (eng)


drew zingg/michael mcdonald - easy (eng/prod/mix)


jon davis - my cherie amour (mix)


amy lennard - i wish it were mine (mix)


phil palombi - turn out the stars (eng/mix)


drew zingg - the black dog (comp/eng/prod/mix)


paul carlon octet - street beat (eng/mix)


drew zingg/boz scaggs - save your love for me (eng/mix/prod)


anthony wilson - flor de sumaré (eng)


tri fi - unnamed road (eng/mix)


robin skye - everybody stop a while (comp/eng/mix/prod)


ryan keberle - blackbird (eng/mix)


dave allen - not even the rain (eng/mix)


catarina racha - mayombe (co-prod/mix)


justin flynn - her song (eng/co-prd/mix)


ok l ok - falling leaves (mix)


dafnis prieto - on and on (mix/eng)


cady mcclain - cool blue (prod/eng/perf/mix)


lalo - adventures on the b.q.e. (eng)


robin skye - like yesterday (co-composed/arr/eng/mix/prod/perf)


victor prieto - 26-2 (mix)


flynn/bacon/ballard/okegwo - movement one (eng/co-prd/mix)


amy lennard - i will (mix/perf)


six piano preludes by didier vasseur - untitled (prod/eng/mix)


catarina racha - korpo di tchuva (co-prod/mix)


alper yilmaz - oddity (eng) -


carlo vutera - nun e paccato (eng/mix)


eugenia - merciful (eng/mix/co-prod) cd pending


bill block - hole in the fence (co-prd/eng/mic/perf)


robin skye - christmas moon (co-composed/prod/eng/mix/perf)


chris bergson - staring at the clock (mix)


george petit - s'wonderful (arr/perf/eng/prod/mix)


carlo derosa - down below (mix)


asmeret ghebremichael - crescent moon (co-composed with Bill block/arr/eng/mix/perf)


donald harrison/terrence blanchard - black pearl (prod/co-mix)


agrazing maze - HB (mix)


rob garcia - it's ruby (mix)


mark small - trio recording (eng/mix)


george petit - bijou (comp/arr/perf/eng/mix/prod)


donald harrison - somewhere (prod/co-mix)