01.09.15Mixing begins on new project !

A quick word on what's new...

I've been working on a project with a super talented composer/singer based in Paris, France. Over the months we've developed a great understanding and have put tracks together for a ten-song CD release. Right now, all tracks are in the can and I am about to go into two weeks of mixing for him. I'll post some music as soon as everything is wrapped up. It's going to be a GREAT release.

01.09.15My own EMERGENCE PROJECT !

As many of you know, I reached my fundraising goal to produce a double album of my own material and playing a number of months ago. To date, 10 of the 22 tunes are finished in the recording stage - leaving 12 to complete. This double album will have a running time of about 2 hours plus...so it's taking a while to finish! I am engineering, mixing, producing and arranging...not to mention writing and playing. It's VERY exciting...

Please stay tuned - as soon as it is done, I'll be screaming about it here and on all social media sites...and would really appreciate a 'team' effort from friends and fans...more on that later. :)

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported the project and is awaiting release...me too !!!

Cheers, Everybody !


06.11.14Kickstarter Drive !!

Please check out the link - - and if you want more music from me...PLEASE SIGN UP ! Cheers! :)

05.29.14Discover Jazz Festival Dates ! 2014...

Friday, May 30th – The George Petit Trio (Jazz)
At the Localfolk Smokehouse in Waitsfield, Vermont. 8pm.
George Petit (guitar), Jeff Salisbury (drums) and Clyde Stats (bass).

Saturday, May 31st - George Petit Quartet (Jazz)
At The Vermont Ale House in Stowe, Vermont. 8pm.
George Petit (guitar), John Rivers (bass), Gabe Jarett (drums) and Chris Peterman (saxophone).

Sunday, June 1st – George Petit’s GROK Band (Jazz)
Burlington on the Church Street Marketplace - part of the Discover Jazz Festival. 1pm-2:30pm.
George Petit (guitar), Gabriel Jarrett (drums), Clyde Stats (bass), Chris Peterman (saxophone)

Sunday June 1st – George Petit Trio (Jazz)
CORK Wine Bar in Waterbury, Vermont, from 7pm-10pm.
George Petit (guitar), Jeremy Hill (Bass, Jeff Salisbury (drums)

Monday, June 2nd – George Petit Duo (Jazz)
Vin Bar and Shop, 126 College St, Burlington, 6:30pm-10:30pm.
George Petit (guitar), Jeremy Hill (bass)

Tuesday, June 3rd – George Petit Duo (Jazz)
Marriott Harborside Hotel Bar, 8:30pm, down by the harbor.
George Petit (guitar), Clyde Stats (bass)

Wednesday, June 4th – George Petit Duo (Jazz)
The Daily Planet, Burlington, 8pm
George Petit (guitar), Clyde Stats (bass)

Thursday, June 5th – George Petit and the Barn Mahal Band (Soul/Funk/Blues)
The Vermont Ale House in Stowe, Vermont, from 8 til LATE.
George Petit (guitar), Bruce Sklar (keys), Aaron Hersey (bass and vocals) and Kenny Gulfield (drums).

Friday, June 6th – George Petit’s GROK Band (Jazz)
Leunig's Bistro, 5:30pm-8:30pm on Church Street, Burlington.
George Petit (guitar), Clyde Stats (bass), Gabe Jarrett (drums) and Chris Peterman (saxophone)

Friday, June 6th – George Petit’s GROK Band (Jazz)
Hotel Vermont, 9pm Burlington.
George Petit (guitar), John Rivers (bass) and Geza Carr (drums)

02.19.14New release from Adam Smale !

Great new record from guitarist/composer Adam Smale. With the guys from Tri Fi acting as the rhythm section, Adam has brought some very cool originals and arrangements to us all. Engineered/co-produced and mixed by me, I am loving the vibes on this record...congratulations to you, Adam for getting the album out and for getting signed to Ropeadope Records! Same label as Snarky Puppy !

02.19.14New album from Tri-Fi...

My third project with Tri-Fi, this amazing trio of master musicians. they have their own sound, their own approach and ....well, you gotta hear these guys if you've not already. Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) and Keith Hall (drums). It's called STARTING INTO THE SUN...I had the pleasure of mixing this one for the guys.

11.01.12Drew Zingg Debut CD is out !

After four years of work, we've finally arrived at the release date. Very excited to announce that this recording, produced, engineered and mixed by yours truly is available to the public through Amazon, dzdap.com, Bandcamp and Audiophile Imports.

Personnel includes:
Drew Zingg
Will Lee
Vinnie Colaiuta
George Whitty
Boz Scaggs
Michael McDonald
Monet Owens
Christine Lynch
Bob Merrill
Eric Crystal
David Mann
Dave Smith

It's a gem and has already been compared to Gaucho, Blow By Blow...this is a must have CD.

10.27.12Recent projects...

Really busy, folks ! Here is a short list of recent projects either finished or in the works now...

Drew Zingg - debut solo project
Jon Davis - Solo Piano :How Insensitive and Other Ballads"
Anthony Wilson - Campo Bello (4'tet tracked in Brazil, up for Grammy)
Adam Smale 4'tet - Adam's most recent cd of original material and standards
Phil Palombi Tio - Phil, Elliot Zigmund and Don Friedman
Tri-Fi '3' - Matthew Fries, Phil Palombi and Keith Hall
Tri-Fi - cool arrangements of obscure Christmas Carols - sounds more like a jazz cd !

03.18.11Phil Palombi cd is out !

Very pleased to announce that Phil's new CD is mastered and all done...and the artwork is way cool, thanks to our friend Matthew Fries.
This cd project is a Tribute to Scott Lafaro - bassist with Bill Evans that passed away at the age of 25. Scott was a genius ... no question.
Phil just happens to have written a book about Scott...
We used one of Scotts actual basses on the recording...Scott was in the room...it was spooky at times.
Joining Phil on the record are old friends of Scott...Don Friedman on piano and Elliot Zigmund on drums...in fact both old bandmates of Scott's...

I engineered at Bennet studios, and mixed this in my own mix room...we're pretty psyched !

06.20.09Some reviews of my last CD, END OF AUGUST (my music and playing!)

I have to re-print some new reviews I've just received - I am very lucky to have these - I guess that $1000 payola worked out after all...

First, from jazzreview.com:

End Of August is the close of one cycle and the start of a new one for guitarist-singer-songwriter George Walker Petit who express in the liner notes of the album, “These ends of the Augusts of ‘05 and ‘06 signaled both an end and a new start for me. This music mourns that end and celebrates that start." Petit accomplishes this task by creating arrangements that feel intimate for the audience, as if the music was expressly designed for their listening pleasure. End Of August is Petit’s second solo jazz album as a leader and moves with a suave gait from track to track adhering to a smooth jazz etiquette and a textural palate that radiates like moonbeams over the ocean waves.

Petit indulges his fancy for wistful bossa nova melodies like “Montreux" and “Bijou" and the samba-ridged grooves of “Only Trust Your Heart." It’s an album that creates a little corner of this world just for the listener where nothing is more important than relaxing and inhaling and exhaling at one’s leisurely pace. Even the more charming nightclub aura and bouncy rhythms of “Aldo" creates an intimacy with the listener that is binding. Listeners are also treated to Petit singing on his cover of Gershwin’s standard, “S’Wonderful," which complement the silky inflections of the guitar chords. Joining Petit on the recording are percussionist Artur Dutra, drummers Mark Dodge and Steve Hass, keyboardist Whitney Ashe, bassist Thomson Kneeland, and horn player Justin Flynn whose softly puffing verses resonate through “Off Center" like a summer breeze grazing over a tuft of pansies tickling their dainty petals affectionately.

The simplicity of Petit’s arrangements allow the listener to appreciate every individual note, and feel engulfed in the experience of pure serenity as Petit strings these notes and moves them in ways that touches the senses affectionately. His writing mixes hints of Latin styles with elements of classic and contemporary jazz, and crafts completely mood-oriented tunes for the individual.

Then, from ejazznews.com :

George Petit: End of August (MarCreation)

Petit is that rare breed of musician who has not only excelled as a total guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, but is also an accomplished recording studio engineer. This disc pellucidly demonstrates these attributes. Petit has a weakness for the bossa nova as demonstrated by his renditions of “Only Trust Your Heart" and “S’Wonderful". He also has a yen for the kind of off-kilter harmonics heard on some Steely Dan tracks. The crystalline clarity of the recording is readily apparent. Special mention goes to sideman Justin Flynn for some stirring flute and reed contributions.

Then, check this out from Powerderfinger Promotions :

End Of August is a very fine piece of work, no matter how one looks at it and one must laud Petit for his efforts in every aspect of its creation." – Budd Kopman, All About Jazz
George Walker Petit is perhaps best known for his work as one of the leading jazz engineers in New York City. His former studio, Walkerecordings thrived in this highly competitive market through his meticulous approach to recording and production, placing emphasis on capturing the unique sound of each player. Petit has produced and/or engineered in excess of 60 CD’s across many genres. It should come as no surprise then that his second solo jazz album as a leader, End of August, is a thoughtfully crafted work both sonically and musically. The overall sound of the record is exceptional in quality and pleasing to experience. Each and every instrument comes through with a rich and intimate sound that makes the listener feel as if they are attending a private concert in their living room.

But all the recording skill in the world doesn’t matter for much if you can’t play, and Petit is no straggler in that arena. On the album he plays many of the instruments, including guitar, electric bass, keyboards, percussion, and he even sings on the Gershwin standard “S’Wonderful." But it is on the guitar that he really shines. He opens the record with the upbeat samba “Only Trust Your Heart" on which he shows his prowess at finger-style nylon-string guitar, as well as a warm and smooth electric bass. As a guitarist, Petit truly has the ability to speak through his instrument in concise and pointed phrases. And while he certainly has the chops to hang with the best of players, he never overstates what could be better expressed with a few perfectly placed notes. This is impeccable level of taste is perhaps best demonstrated on the solo guitar ballad “Stockbridge (Lost)."

Beyond his instrumental skills, Petit is also the composer of all but two of the nine songs on the record. His writing mixes hints of Latin styles with elements of classic and contemporary jazz with seamless ease. He also enlists support from some talented musicians including his longtime friend and drummer of over 15 years, Mark Dodge. Other players on the album include Whitney Ashe (Rhodes), Justin Flynn (horns, flute), and Artur Dutra (assorted percussion). The trifecta of skills as an instrumentalist, writer and producer shown by George Petit on End of August is truly impressive. Despite this, Petit’s gentle approach to music and production ensure that the listener is never overwhelmed by the technical and is instead treated to a truly enjoyable jazz experience.

Man, I am SO blushing....

Cheers !

02.10.09New Videos on youtube....

Hey there -

I have just posted two videos from our last Cachaça gig on youtube...

Have a look – I hope that you enjoy them ! They are clips of the solo tunes I did at the start of each set...Sorry that more could not be done including all the members of the group...these were taken by Donna and a little Nikon, and although the quality is good, this is all the storage space that was available...time to invest in a good digi that is optimized for video as opposed to still photography ! We’ll do more on the next Cachaça gig...

Still, I am psyched that Donna did these – they are great ! Listen on big speakers and they sound cool as well...

Anyway – here are the links:

Cheers -

02.05.09George Petit Group at Cachaça Jazz and Samba Club, February 5th !!

see the update of the 'gigs' page...and come on down for a caipirinha !!!

11.11.08Catarina Racha Sessions

I just finished mixing the debut CD for Catarina Racha. Catarina is a gifted composer/singer/percussionist that tracked her record in Portugal with some outrageous musicians...cats from the Cape Verdean Islands, Africa, Brazil...then she returned to NYC to finish recording some local players.
Catarina asked me to mix her CD...I chose to do this over at Legacy Studios (as per usual!) with the added benefit of being able to work with good friend and great engineer, Kevin Porter.
The resulting tracks sound WONDERFUL...with production help from Eduardo Nazarian, Catarina's Producer...

Stay tuned for release and for an example of the music which I will post as soon as it is mastered...


11.11.08Live Band playing at Cachaça Jazz and Samba Club !!

...and a lot of them ! We recently played at a great club in NYC called CACHAÇA Jazz ad Samba Club down in the Village on 8th street. I love this place ! the sound there is really great and as you can guess from the name, they serve some KILLER caipirinhas !

We'll be back there on December 10th at 7:30 pm for two sets - - come on down and join us !

The Band:

George Petit - Guitars
Jeremy Beck - Keyboards
Mark Dodge - Drums
Phil Palombi - Bass
Justin Flynn - Sax/Flute
Dinitri Moderbacher - Sax/Flute
Mark Small - Bass Clarinet/Sax/Flute/Clarinet

It's all original material...please support the band !!

11.11.08Playing at Southern Hospitality...December 9th !!

A smaller version of the band playing at Cachaça...unless the horns turn up...and ya never know !

The band are playing again at a FANTASTIC bar called Southern Hospitality...it is located here in Manhattan on 2nd Avenue between 76th and 77th streets...

...we play at 9pm for two sets...

No here's the thing: This is NOT a jazz gig ! We are out there doing this for FUN ! Well, it's all fun really, but the music on this gig comes from Clapton, Santana, The Funky Meters, Little Feat, The Dead, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, etc etc...this one is about getting freinds out to have a few beers and just relax in a real bar atmosphere...we LOVE this gig !

Guests Billy Block and Robin Skye often come by and sing a few tunes with us...it's NEVER a dull time...

See you there !


11.01.08Eating Mantis is released !

Some time ago, Yvan Bing and I mixed a CD by a group called " OK-OK " over at the Cutting room Studios. It was a great mix of electrinica, jazz and basic avant music with Kyoko Kitamura singing...I really enjoyed this record !

Well, they have released it !

Please hit their website and have a listen - stuff is really refreshing and different - really makes you pay attention and LISTEN...

Cheers !


10.02.08New News for the Fall...

Hi there, friends -

Thanks for taking the time to read on...as usual I appreciate the support and interest. I try in these newsletters to include the ‘’goings-on’ of friends in the business that are either recording, celebrating the release of a new project or just have some great new music out there that deserves attention and support. Sometimes I miss a few...so if you’d like mention in this Newsletter next time, just let me know. Glad to support the endeavors of others.

So, let me first put in a plug for a few friends that are working really hard to get their music out there...

First up, Paul Carlon and his band ( http://www.paulcarlonmusic.com/live/)..

...now THIS guy is super busy all the time...and for good reason. Recently, Paul and the Octet (with guests) recorded and released ROOTS PROPAGANDA, their second album as a group. - and they had a GREAT release party downtown at Cachaça Jazz and Samba Club. I had the privilege of engineering and mixing both releases for Paul, the last one mixed in Brazil. Both efforts were tracked at Legacy Recording Studios here in New York City, with the most recent mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol productions. I can’t say enough about Paul and his music...his talents as a composer, arranger and band leader are ‘impressive’. The group ‘vibe’ on each recording is strong...and the playing is ‘top-of-the-class’ New York...great musicianship, dynamics and empathy within the band. ROOTS has been getting great airplay on NPR lately, lots of gigs have been happening...and there is a Tour scheduled for October...please visit Paul’s website to catch up on news and sample the music. Then, BUY THE RECORD !! Band members are: Paul Carlon, Ryan Keberle, Anton Denner, Mike Fahie, Dave Smith, John Stenger, Edward Perez, William “Beaver" Bausch, Christelle Durandy and upon lucky occasion, Pete Smith on guitar...

Next up, OK/OK...a very cool band combining Jazz with Electronica, Video and a tremendous amount of thought !

This is a four-piece group with Kyoko Kitamura (vocals and laptop), Michael McGinnis (reeds), Tony Moreno (drums) and Khabu Doug Young (guitars). The music is a meeting of Jazz, free jazz, electronica and rock and was a PLEASURE for me to mix over at The Cutting Room some months back...what is ‘news’ about this is the release of the record...you can buy it on Amazon ! Please do ! The band had their release party recently with simultaneous video presentations...and, I hear, a good room full of people. If you are interested in checking out something ‘different’ and very powerful, please have a look ( http://www.myspace.com/okokmusic). There are tour dates on the site as well...

Justin Flynn, Jeremy Bacon, Thomson Kneeland and Tim Horner are out on the road together as “BIG TRAIN"

...once again recorded and mixed by yours truly at Legacy, Jeremy and Justin’s music is compositionally very strong with tremendous performances (on the record, it’s Jeff Ballard and Ugonna Okegwo). They are about to do a few hits at the Garth Newell Jazz Club in Virginia this weekend...wish I could be there – it is bound to be musically rewarding...and a tremendous amount of fun. Their CD is going to be released...VERY soon...I believe the final product is being delivered some time this week or next. I, for one, and VERY anxious to hear the final product, as I have not hear the Mastered version...sure it’s killing. Justin and Jeremy have worked very hard on this band and this release, and I am proud to be a part of the project. Well done, guys...safe travels!

Finally in the ‘plugs for friends’ category, Amy Lennard has completed “I NEED TO LOVE", her debut CD...to be released ‘officially’ in ‘09...

Now THIS record is cool. Amy is a New York based singer/songwriter that basically kicks ass. She rocks, simple as that. The CD was recorded by several NYC engineers and mixed by three...I got to be one of them (three tunes on the record mixed by me). Amy has a unique blend of Americana, Roots and Rock – her band kicks as well, with the likes of Jon Gordon, Ben Wisch, Tony Tino and Marc Shulman. This is good, honest AMERICAN song writing at its best...a tremendous amount of heart in the lyrics and soul in the presentation. I really enjoyed working with Amy so much – she knows what she wants from her music and gets it from her team. Please stop by her site and have a listen...especially to ‘El Paso’ and “I Wish It Were Mine"...( http://www.amylennardmusic.com/)....I don’t know where you can get the CD – probably Amazon as well...but GET IT !

OK..Fine. Now time for MY news. Sheesh !

Well, first of all, my band! This is getting to be crazy fun for me. As you might have read from the last newsletter, I started a group to play my music. It just felt like the right time to put ‘me’ out there for as a musician and composer for a change – it’s been far too long since I had the pleasure of playing in front of an audience with great musicians. It has been such a big part of my life, but somehow I spaced it all out...well, I call the band “DEEP TONIC" (at least for now!)...(email me, I’ll tell you about the name!)

...and that there’s just part of the reason...HA ! The group: Jeremy Beck (keys), Mark Dodge (drums), Justin Flynn (ten/sop/flute), Phil Palombi (e-bass), Dimitri Maderbacher (ten/bari/flute)...and me. We have been rehearsing pretty heavily over at Euphoria Studios for a couple of pending gigs here in NYC...OCTOBER 21st at “SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY", and OCTOBER 27th at Cachaça. The first gig is at a bar. Yes, a ‘bar’...not a jazz club. In fact we won’t be playing ANY ‘jazz’ per se at that gig. I really love a lot of music that is not ‘jazz’...and miss playing it with friends...Marvin, Little Feat, The Meters, NRBQ, etc...so I am booking a few non-jazz hits for the love of that music. CACHAÇA, on the other hand is Jazz...90% my original tunes, and a few carefully chosen ‘covers’ with interesting arrangements.

Please try to make it down to the gigs...especially the Cachaça gig !!! Why?...

The Cachaça gig celebrates a deal I have recently penned with MAR CREATION, an independent label that will distribute my work both physically (in the USA, Japan, etc) and on the internet. I am really enjoying working with MAR CREATION on this venture...so far it has worked out really well. Please visit their site, where a new “George Petit" page can be found...hopefully this week ! (www.marcreation.net). I hope to see some of you at the cachaça gig on the 27th...sets at 7pm and 8:30pm...help us celebrate and give a listen to the new band ! Video soon !

I will be headed back into the studio in the late Spring or early Summer to record the new band...the release will be called “The Philosophical Baboon"...therein lies a tale...shoot me an email and I will tell you about that name and the band’s name...


Yes, folks, I’ll be back at Legacy starting next week for about 30 days of sessions...and I really look forward to that. I have never been disappointed by the great folks and amazing sound over at Legacy, no matter the musical content. It is simply the best place in NYC.

I’ll be working for the first three weeks on the long-awaited debut CD for Robin Skye. Robin is a tremendous singer – a rich voice with real insight, and an ability to tell a story. Robin and I have collaborated on a few tunes for this next set of sessions...and, she has co-written one with Randy Redd (who has a hit ‘off Broadway’) as it happens. Musicians on this session will be: Robin (vocals and composer), David Ratajczak (drums), Dave Ambrosio (bass), Wally Usiatynski (percussion), Jeremy Beck (keyboards), George Petit (guitars), Will Galison (harmonica), and a horn section headed up by Justin Flynn. I will be in the Producers chair on this one, engineering as well, with the greatfully appreciated assistance of Engineer, Keven Porter.

Following Robin’s project, it will be time to start a mix project by singer/composer/percussionist Catarina Racha ... This is a debut cd as well, mostly tracked in Portugal with some of the best musicians over there. Catarina has written tunes that bring all of her influences together...Fado, Bossa, Samba, Funk, jazz...I have heard the tracks and it is extremely cool music with a ton of percussion and soul. Catarina has a great voice !! I was familiar with her percussion skills, but had NO IDEA that she sings at this level...how exciting ! I will be mixing this at Legacy with Catarina and with Eduardo Nazarian her co-producer and a wonderful musician and writer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Hmmm...that’s it for sessions so far...you never know what’ll happen in November though! A couple of clients are making noise...

Finally, Bill Block’s short film, THE DRUMMER continues to win awards at the film festivals...

...and for good reason...check out Billy’s progress and the film’s trailer at www.thedrummershort.com

Thanks for tuning in, as usual I really appreciate the interest and the many comments!
Let me know if you need to get in the studio and record...

Cheers -


george walker petit


06.04.08Headstrong Amplifiers

This is really cool for me...I have been fortunate to secure a relationship with Headstrong Amps of North Carolina...I am in fact Endorsing their gear now. I have a custom amplifier on order with Wayne...can't wait to get my mitts on it !
Thanks Wayne !

Please take the time to check Headstrong out - the BEST, hand-wired 'replicas' of 40 year-old Fenders...Remenber the Princetons, Vibroverbs and Vibrolux Reverbs? The Supers? Well, Wayne makes these sound even better with his designs, parts and care...he is a wizzard.

06.03.08Cady's gig at PROHIBITION...

...was GREAT !

We hit two sets, played tough...hung out for a few hours afterward...and we're doing it again at CRASH MANSION on June 11th at pm...

this is TOO much fun !

06.02.08Godin Guitars

Another Endorsement deal ! Once again, I have been really fortunate to hook-up with Godin Guitars...they have a wonderful full line of top quality instruments for basically any need...

...and for me, that means a nylon string that I can turn WAY UP at a gig...so I can't use my lovely Contreras...!

Godin makes a great one called the Multiac Duet (amongst others...), and I am awaiting delivery on a lovely new example of this instrument...so now I can play the Bossas, Sambas and Ballads the way they should be heard on a live show...

thanks to Fred at Godin !

05.27.08Working with Cady again...LIVE !!

Yes, that's right - we're on it again...
Cady has asked me to run her new band for her and she is booking gigs like a mad woman...we have been in rehearsal for a few weeks now and have our first hit at PROHIBITION on June 2nd (Monday Night)...it's on Columbus Avenue at 83rd Street here in NYC...

Cady McClain on vocals
George Petit on guitars
Mark Dodge on Drums
Jeremy Beck on Keyboards
David Ambrosio on Electric Bass

Come on out and support Cady's music...more gigs to come!

04.13.08Eugenia's pre-production sessions at Na Cena, Brazil...

Wow - what a great session this was ! Eugenia is a remarkable singer from Portugal, living in Brazil. I first met her a few months ago there and we got along very well. So on this last trip (just got back a couple of days ago!), we met again and had the chance to finally work together. I teamed up with Eduardo, Eugenia's long time producer, arranger and guitarist (great guy) and the three of us did two days of tests and pre-production to demo a few tunes for her label in Portugal, Universal Music.
The tunes turned out great, and we had such a cool adventure together that I have been asked to engineer, mix and co-produce Eugenia's next CD...and probably play some guitars as well.
Check out my SPOTLIGHT page and you can hear an example of Eugenia's work. I am really very impressed.
Thanks, guys for the great music - - I am really looking forward to working together in the next months.
Cheers - !

04.12.08Paul Carlon Mix in Brazil

Well, we're back. As you might have read, Paul came down to Sao Paulo to Mix the tracks we recorded at Legacy here in New York some weeks back. Paul came down with Rumbatap dancer Max Pollak. First, we recorded two on-the-spot compositions with just the two of them - multi-layering parts...this was tremendous. We used old RCA ribbon mics for a lot of the 'feet' tracks and mixed these tunes along with the others.
The mixes are very, very strong, showing the amazing writing and arrangements that Paul works with his 10 piece band...the playing by EVERYONE is tremendous as well...Paul, Beaver, Anton, Edward, Ryan, Mike, Dave, John, Christelle and Pete...and of course Max.
I can not as yet post a tune from the project, as it has not yet been mastered...but I will soon...this is a really strong album, and I want to thank Paul for the opportunity to work again together - and thank the band for the great music.
Cheers, guys - Obrigado to Na Cena, Zeca, Gargel, AY-AY, Marco, Rafael, fabiano, Victor and the rest of the boys there...

03.26.08Susana Vasseur sessions finished !

The music of Didier Vasseur is very well know in France, with hundreds of film scores to his credit - TV as well.
Didier passed a few years back and left a lot of music behind that has never been recorded...until now. This recording comprises 6 piano preludes, performed by concert pianist Martin Leung. Didier's widow, Susana is the Executive Producer on the project...she is the only one that could truly 'know' what Didier intended.
I had the pleasure of serving as Producer and Engineer on this one, with the able assistance of Engineer Kevin Porter.
The project was recorded at Legacy's A-509 'Chamber of the Gods' , as it is called...a truly amazing room with an outstanding Steinway 9-ft grand piano, the best mics in the city and all the pre's one dreams about (we used Millennia's) and an SSL 9000J desk...
...the recording turned out great. We mixed in the best room in NYC, Studio 'B' at Legacy...Franks' Room. That would be the great Frank Fillipetti, Producer and Engineer Extraordinaire...and a pretty great guy. We worked with Frank's Euphonix desk and associated equipment - - and the results are Grammy-quality.

We are very, very proud of this recording...a pre-mastered example can be found on my 'examples of work' page, and photos are on the 'session photos' page...have a look, you'll get the vibe.

thanks, Susana for a wonderful session...!

03.26.08Tchau Tchau !

Wow - - traveling a lot ! Off to Brazil again today for another two week trip. this time, i will be bringing Paul Carlon's audio files with me to mix at Na Cena...on their lovely Amek desk (NEVE eq's and pre's!). I will also be helping with the further training of the audio engineering staff while I am there. Na cena is really stepping-up these days...with Earth Wind and Fire there a few weeks ago, Joao Bosco there yesterday...it's going well, and I am really pleased about this progress! uge shouts to Marco, Zeca, Hebert and the rest of the Na Cena staff...see you tomorrow !


03.14.08Paul Carlon Sessions

I just had the pleasure of tracking Paul's band over at Legacy studio 'A'...one of the best rooms in the USA for jazz...or anything else for that matter. Paul asked me to do this CD after our success a few years back with his first release as a leader, OTHER TONGUES.
The sessions went really well - - we are all very pleased indeed with the sounds. The band played like a tight unit is supposed to play....really dynamic and strong performances by all the players.
Paul and I are headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil to mix the tracks at Na Cena studios next week...really looking forward to that!
Cheers, Paul - thanks for the great music !

01.08.08Back To Brazil !

Headed back to Sao Paolo this month for another two weeks of tracking and mixing Brazilian musicians...!

It looks as though i will be doing this every month for some time to come...

Once again, I am very happy to be on board with this project...

Cheers !

12.09.07Deal with Brazil !

So - here's the great news - - I have just entered into an agreement to track and mix down in Sao Paolo...LESS THAN HALF THE RATE OF NY STUDIOS...no kidding...with a Walters Storyk designed studio, a Neve/Amek desk...all the trimmings...it's an AMAZING studio, sounds tremendous...and I have a special rate.

i will be returning every month for ten days to two weeks to work there...

...so - want to mix or track in Brazil amid the Mango trees and Caipirinhas...AND sound great...AND save tons of $$$ ???

Give me a call and we can talk about it !

Cheers -

12.02.07BRAZIL !!!

Well, I just got home from a seven-day visit to Na Cena Studios in Sao Paolo, Brazil. there simply isn't room here, nor are there sufficient words to describe how wonderful this trip was.
I engineered sessions everyday for local Brazilian artists...some Jazz, some Samba, some Funk...the level of musicianship was very high and the vibe of hearing local Paulistas play Samba IN BRAZIL...well, that was way cool. I got to do some very late hangs with them all and sat in a number of times with local groups.
The studio itself has four rooms...four studios, that is...but the new WSDG designed live room is the size of a basketball court. High ceilings, great mic selection...and a Neve/Amek console...that used to be mine at the old Walkerecordings studio !
Well, the trip was amazing. The people were wonderful, the studio was great, the music was incredible...and it looks as though I will be returning periodically to engineer and produce both Brazilian and International artists there. In fact, I have a january trip already booked !
Photos of the studio's big room, the control room, some of the staff and some of the musicians can be seen on the session photos page on this site...enjoy !

Cheers -

11.06.07MIX magazine interviews Petit again...

Hey, Folks - - here is a brand new interview in November's MIX Magazine about my work and a recent project...It is a cool piece that outlines some 'issues' when tracking a Big Band...

Have a peek - it's pretty cool !

Cheers -

09.13.07First review of GP's "...end of august ' CD

Folks, I am really psyched about this review on allaboutjazz.com...so psyched in fact that I am going to post it somewhere or another on my site...! But please go have a look for yourself, Mr. Budd Kopman has been VERY kind indeed...

Remember, the CD's are on ITUNES, CDBABY and many other sites...or you can just download it here on my site...artwork as well!

Cheers !


09.13.07Music and sound for Indy Film 'THE DRUMMER' completed...

As some of you know, I have been working on music and sound for Bill Block's new film 'THE DRUMMER' for a number of months. Well, as of yesterday, the audio post and mix sessions are over...and things sound (and look!!) really wonderful.
Thanks to Bill, this Indy will be in Tribecca and likely in Sundance as well...it is a GREAT story about a musician and his 'life issues'...see it when you get the chance.

thanks, Billy for the gig, glad to have been on the team!

09.11.07Alper Yilmaz CD "Clashes" finally done !

Finally ! With great players such as Jon Davis (rhodes) and Dave Binney (alto), Andy senesi (drums), Mike McGinnis (reeds)...not to mention all the others, Alper Yilmaz (bass/compositions) has delivered a GREAT modern jazz/fusion CD. The music harkens back to Wayne and Joe in the Weather Report era - with a touch of Marcus Miller...a timely release - perhaps an hommage to the recently departed genius, JZ..?

Buy this one, it is WONDERFUL...there is an example on my 'examples' tab as well...

Thanks for the gig, Alper, and congratulations on the release..well worth the wait!

Cheers - !

09.10.07New postings of music...

Go to my 'examples of work' tab for new music from: Robin Skye, Alper Yilmaz and gary Morgan !!

09.07.07Amy Lennard's CD done!

Pleased to announce that Amy Lennard's mixes are finished. I mixed them all at Legacy (go figure...) in the awesome studio 'C'. Love that place. Emily Lazar is slated to do the mastering.
Amy's music is Rock, folks. There is no jazz here at all. This is American music...influences include Tom Petty, Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne...with a dash of the Stones !!
i will post an example once the project has been mastered, but in the meantime, check out the link to her site for rough mixes/ep clips. Amy is pretty damned great.

03.15.07Gary Morgan's big band project!!

I have recently had the pleasure of engineering a great session for Gary and his 20-piece band. We tracked at Legacy's Studio 'A' - all live. Gary is the leader of the group, arranging and composing for this formidable ensemble. The music is wonderful...lots of Latin influences (mostly Brazilian), great soloists, a strong rhythm section with two percussionists...all under Gary's careful and precise baton.
I shared engineering duties with Yvan Bing (now chief engineer of Dinemec Studios in Geneva, Switzerland) - we had a great time. The session was challenging (with about 40 live mics up) and fulfilling....things sound just GREAT!
We will be mixing the project starting this week at The Cutting Room...
When this one comes out, GET IT !!
Thanks to Gary for the gig - a real pleasure!

Cheers -

02.15.07Robin Skye's Project Completed

Yeah! - we spent ten days at Legacy Recording working on five tunes for Robin, a truly great singer and writer. Robin is trying to get these tunes places in film and TV...we had Dave Ratacjzak, David Ambrosio, Justin Flynn, Dave Smith
Wally Usiatynski, Stever Wiseman ana Mark Small in the band (I played as well on this one, co-wrote, produced and arrranged, engineered with Yvan Bing). The project went really well - and I will be posting a cut in my 'spotlight' soon. Congrats to Robin for realizing a long-held dream!


02.15.07CD "End of August" in print...

So, I finally bit the bullet and had CD's made...hardcopy...the 'old way'. A lot of folks really did not embrace the download thing...and wanted to have the final, tactile version in their hands...so if that is you, get in touch and I will send you one...for $20...!

Cool -

12.15.06CD ARTWORK POSTED of "...end of august " CD

Hey there - so this is cool news...the CD artwork for my own "End Of August" release is now available for hi-resolution download here on my website...it was completed last night with the help and amazing talents of Scott Bartley and Rick Biolsi (good friends that own and operate their own advertising agency)...and MAN, they kicked ass !!
Go to the new "cd artwork PDF" link on my main menu and hit the CD's icon and it will automatically download in 'zipped' format...all you have to do then is print out the two pages, get the scissors and you're in business !!! Let me know what you think via email...

12.15.06Petit to engineer Gary Morgan's Panamericana big band in February...

Plans are in motion to engineer and mix Gary's awesome big band (20-piece) at Legacy Recording Studios (used to be Right Track) in mid February. I went down to the Garage on Seventh Avenue South the other evening to hear the band with Yvan Bing (my assistant on this project...and on any future project!). Well, Gary's band sounds just wonderful...the arrangements are magnificent and the playing is really top-shelf from this list of new York's finest...
We will track in Studio A's lovely live room and mix a week or so later...I am really excited to get this project...and you should ALL check out Gary's band...so great to hear a big band of this quality...the POWER ! THE COLORS !!!


12.15.06Petit to Produce Robin Skye's recording project in January...

Pre-production has begun on Robin Skye's project...we'll be doing about 6 tunes at Legacy in January, early February. I am so pleased the Robin has decided to get into the studio for this work. Robin is a great Broadway and film actress that has worked for years on great shows...and I have had the pleasure of working with her now and then over the many years we have known eachother. She has a spectacular voice and brings her years of acting experience to her lyrics. Robin is also an excellent writer and plans to get a few of these tunes placed in films and shows...I am honored to have been asked to produce, arrange and engineer this project...a labor of love and such a pleasure to be working with a great friend and such a great musician...thanks, Rob...

10.13.06Cd mixed for OK l OK

I had the pleasure of mixing the new CD for OK l OK a couple of weeks ago at The Cutting Room's SSL 9000 J...working with my good friend and great engineer Yvan Bing again. The Cutting Room turned out to be a really great room for SSL mixing...at as per usual, I have been extended a great rate...the folks there are really cooperative and hip...they can't do enough for you...and the Control Room sounds really tight. Kyoko, Mike and Khabu are pleased with the results of the mix sessions, as am I...thanks guys, your music is really fresh, intelligent and so wonderfully unique...I look forward to lots more work together!

10.13.06Cady interview on SIRIUS radio next week!...and the band's first gig!

Hey Cady Fans...Cady is set to do an interview on SIRIUS radio next Thursday the 19th...I have the pleasure of being her accompaniment for this interview...should be a gas!

Also, there is a new live band...with Shane Endsley, Adam Klipple, Dave Ambrosio and Mark Dodge...and me on guitars...Cady's first gig will be at Southpaw in Brooklyn on December 6th...c'mon out !

10.13.06Paul Carlon's CD "Other Tongues" mastered and duped...

Hey...Paul's CD is finally available...and it sounds tremendous...great performances and arrangements....Congratulations to Paul and the Octet....with their guests, of course...Ileana Santamaria, Max Pollak and Buddy Terry...

10.13.06Petit gets press...

This is pretty cool...i got some slick press in ProSound News...an audiophile/studio audio magazine...check it out!

10.13.06Petit in MIX magazine...

I am pleased to be in MIX again this month...this is a great announcement of Cady's project with photo and blurb. Thanks to the folks at MIX...and of course to those involved on the Cady CD...

Cheers !

PS...This is also in the October hardcopy edition as well...which is cool...

10.13.06Record your Jazz at Firehouse 12...

Hey -
So Yvan Bing and I took a drive out to New Haven to check out this fine studio. And it was well worth the trip. They boast an API Legacy desk (tremendous analog sound) and great acoustic spaces. Nick, the owner, has extended a really preferential rate to my projects...and the room is PERFECT for a trio or q'tet...with nice mics and a beautiful Mason & Hamlin piano...so get your finger out, give me a call and let's get your music down ! There is NO ROOM in NYC that can get you this sound at my rate...it's just not here...take advantage and record out of town for a nice change...


10.10.06Cady's project is ready for download and is on CDBaby...

...finally indeed! Go to Cady's website for downloads...or to CDBaby or itunes to get your hardcopy...looks and sounds great - well done, Cady J !!

10.09.06Back into Cutting Room

Hey - so we're going back into The Cutting Room to mix two previously un-released tracks for Cady...she'll get them onto her site as soon as we're done...our dates are November 22 - 26 or thereabouts...Happy Thanksgiving !


08.17.06MY MUSIC FOR DOWNLOAD...available at last!

I am so pleased to announce that my two cd's, END OF AUGUST and PATACHOU are now available for download through the links found on my 'petits cds' link on the main menu...
Artwork for both of these cds will be made available as a free download through this site soon...all in PDF format.

I am very proud of this music and hope sincerely that you enjoy the music...the background music on this site that is playing right now is from the END OF AUGUST cd...

So please download, enjoy and turn your friends on to the music! Also, please feel free to email me with comments or questions and I will try to get to all of them ASAP...



08.10.06MYSPACE site

This site is dedicated to my personal music projects...and the new CD is called: "...end of august..." It is available for download on the petitjazz.com site. just head over to the 'petit cd's' link and you can get this cd...and the previous one, PATACHOU !
This link also has the usual myspace friends, links and news of coming and current projects. Check it out, myspace is a ton of fun!


08.01.06Cady's Project is done...

...and can be downloaded at her site! We finished mixing a couople of weeks ago and handed the files over to Emily Lazar at The lodge for mastering. As per usual, Emily did an outstanding job on Cady's music....at which point Cady finished her artwork promptly and posted the entire CD on the internet. She doesn't kid around!
So that was really a great ptoject...the music and sounds are solid, the writing is very cool and all the performances by Cady and her guests are full of the right vibe...
Thanks to Mark Dodge, David Ambrosio, Shane Endsley, David Ratacjzak, Sister Sera Buras, Nick Banns and Adam Klipple for their time, talent and tremendous contribution to the CD...
...and thanks to you, Cady for the gig....glad you dig it !

So, on to the next project!

08.01.06New CD on line this week...or next?

My newest CD (self-produced) called "...end of august" will be available on this site soon...as will a downloadable version of my previous CD, PATACHOU...

Check back soon for the files !

06.24.06MySpace and such....

Hey there - just a link to my new myspace page...in preparation for the relase of Cady McClain's recording ...and, finally my own "End Of August" to be out this summer -
cheers -

06.24.06Cady McClain Project !

Well, we have but two days (today and tomorrow) to complete our tracking...then we start the mixes on Monday !! DAMN, but this is great sounding stuff!!! We were joined yesterday in the studio by Sister Sera...my GOD what a voice - she is truly outstanding...and a great writer as well....Sera gave us some great tracks.
Cady's blogs on her site are really cool - check them out !

06.24.06Ryan Keberle's Mastering

We received the mastered CD from Emily Lazar (www.thelodge.com) yesterday for review....and we are so pleased. The Double Quartet sounds tremendous...we have listened on many sets of monitors and the mastering is TOTALLY the icing on the cake.
Can't wait for Ryan to finish the artwork and get this one out there...what a great Record...
There is an example on my 'examples of work' link...go check out the band and Ryan's arranging...
Lookout, Maria....;)

06.05.06Cady McClain kicking arse in the studio..!

Cady's project is now well under way. We started with three days of vocal and guitar reference tracks and moved right on to tracking drums and E-bass...we're seven days in now and things are sounding A-1. We are doing the entire project at Right Track Studio C...an amazing, fully-contained and separate facility that you can really call 'home'. The staff at R.T. have been a pleasure as usual, their eqipment second to none and the acoustic spaces veery well tuned. We really feel like it is our hang there. Cady's music is blossoming with full arrangements to support her vision and her clever and insightful lyrical ideas...not to mention her outstanding, clear and transparent voice. This is going to be a wonderful CD...the best yet.
Go to Cady's link on my LINKS page to catch up with us in the studio...Cady is posting photos of each session and comments on the BLOG link on her home page...cadymcclain.com. Keep checking-in for news !

05.07.06Flynn/Bacon/Ballard/Okegwo mix sessions completed...

Wow. Great playing, great arrangements and compositions from Justin and Jeremy. The sessions (tracked at Right Track's huge A-509 studio) were mixed at Right Track studio A during the course of two LONG days. We are all very pleased with the results...big thanks go out to Justin, Jeremy, Jeff and Ugonna for their amazing musicianship and friendship. A pleasure to record this music and hang with these guys...(ouch!). A mastering house has yet to be chosen...but check back periodically and I will let you know what lucky label picks this music up.
Really killing stuff...an example of which is on my 'examples' link...and photos are on the 'photos' link of course...

04.23.06Ryan Keberle sessions at Right Track studio 'A' completed...

Recently, I had the pleasure of engineering both tracking and mix sessions for Ryan and his awesome octet. We picked Studio 'A' over at Right Track for the project for myriad reasons...the mic selection (as you will see from the photos), the SSL J 9000 desk, the wonderful live room...and the quality of service that is part of the Right Track experience. I am in the process of booking more projects to do over at R.T...my favorite facility in NYC...

The octet has a great sound, a low-timbred voice due to the horn section (two bones, tuba, trumpet, french horm...who are joined by piano, bass and drums. The players are some of the best in town (Ryan Keberle, Mike Rodriquez, Matt Brewer, Adam Birnbaum, Brad Wentworth, Marshall Gilkes, Chris Comer and Jose Davila) and seem to have caught some magic with their performances of Ryan's arrangements and original compositions.

There are some great shots on my 'photos' link - check them (and the studio) out...

My sinceren thanks go out to Ryan, the band and Right Track for making this an extremely fun and fulfilling project...the music and sound are tremendous. As soon as the mastering is done (Emily Lazar at The Lodge - once again!) I will post a tune from the project and let you all know...

04.12.06Cady McClain to record debut album...

This is a huge piece of news for me. I am so psyched to do this recording - it is hard to put into words.
Cady McClain is a multi-Emmy Award winning actor. That might be how you know her name - and would no doubt recognize her face from her many, many t.v. and film appearances. Go see for yourself on her website (link provided). Cady is a principal actor on ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN.
What you might NOT know is that all through her life and her successful career as an actor, Cady has been writing music. Songs. Songs about her experiences, songs about relationships with friends, relatives and loves...and songs about life. Her lyrics are intelligent and immediately conjur vivid images in the mind...her music that accompanies these images is simple and supportive...but quirky in a way that creates a boyant platform for the stories...
Cady's voice is constant. Her pitch is right-on and her chameleon-like phrasing and timbre alter with the message of each song, further supporting the images and lyrics. But she always sounds like Cady - and she always sounds 'real' and compelling.
I am pleased to be producing and engineering this project, also doing the arrangements and adding some guitar and bass playing myself...which I am really looking forward to - !
We will be recording at Right Trac's wonderful facility...Studio 'C' to be precise - sessions start in June and will run about a month. Some great players will be joining us on this session...Dave Ratajczak and Mark Dodge filling the drum chairs...and others TBA...
Thanks, Cady for the gig - I am really psyched to get into this one!
Check out Cady's site and stay in touch - more news on Cady to follow.

04.11.06The Actual Trio

Well, it's about time. I just received a copy of this CD over the weekend. I had the pleasure of mixing this one for Matt, Pete and Dave a while back and was really pleased to get the copy. The music is VERY live, recorded live at the Bowery Poetry Club. Selections by Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, Pete Smith and Monk amongst others make this a great listening experience. The Trio plays great together - these guys are a 'real band' and not a bunch of side-men hired to play down some tunes. The mix was an exercise in balancing live mics strangely set, but what we have ended up with sounds like these guys are playing in your living room. Tremendous clarity and presence - I'm really digging this CD. Thanks much to Pete Smith, Matt Garrity and Dave Ambrosio....oh yeah, and check out the GREAT photos on the CD...they really tell the story of the band!!
Yeah...all out, hassle !

04.05.06Justin Flynn, Jeremy Bacon, Jeff Ballard and Ugonna Okegwo recording

This past Sunday this quartet of great musicians recorded a new project at Right Track's incredible A-509 studio on west 38th street, a studio that has recently hosted the likes of Metheny and Mehldau...
The compositions (8 originals by Flynn and Bacon, and one standard arrangement) were tracked in one rather long, but rewarding and enjoyable day.
The guys played their arses off...the group vibe is wonderfully cohesive and the sounds we got at 509 are truly stellar.
I engineered and co-produced the session with the able assistance of Alex Venguer. HUGE thanks to Jeremy, Justin, Ugonna and Jeff for a great day of music and a memorable hang...and to Right Track's staff for the usual support and professionalism...cheers, Chris!
We'll be mixing (again at Right Track) at the end of this month - keep your ears out for this project when it's done - - this is a really great set of music from four really solid musicians.


04.03.06Sarah Lynch chooses Emily Lazar to master...

I recently mixed Sarah's project over at Skyline Studio. The mixes came out very strong - all are pleased. After much deliberation and shopping around, Sarah has decided to work with Emily Lazar at The Lodge for her mastering. We all know Emily's award-winning work, and I am so pleased that Sarah has gone this way.
Best of luck to Sarah and her band with this cool sounding CD...

03.13.06Sarah Lynch mixes completed

We finished two really hectic days of mixing...twelve tunes in two days. It was a hard session, but ended up sounding great. So far feeback has been really solid...Sarah is making a decision on her mastering engineer, so this project will be available pretty soon. FYI, to answer a question from a new client, Sarahs voice was tracked using a Neumann M149 tube mic and a Martech MSS-10 mic pre. The Pre's used for most of the other instruments were either Neve 1073 or API modules..a couple of them modified by Ron Allaire.
Thanks again to Sarah and the band for the great music...and to Steve over at Skyline for the assistance as per usual.
Cheers, folks.

02.27.06Paul Carlon finished mixing...

Great mixes! And a lot of fun as well. We cut ten tunes in two days...an octet with guest vocals (Ileana Santamaria) and RumbaTap dancing (Max Pollak). It was a couple of long days, but sounds tremendous. Skyline Studio hosted the mix sessions...and the tracking we did there proved to have been a great choice for large ensemble...a great, warm and acoustic sound from their large, live room. Big thanks to Paul, Steve Geuting (assistant engineer) and Skyline for the help on a great project. Paul is planning on sending this one to Emily Lazar over at The Lodge for mastering...and then he'll shop it I guess. I'll keep you updated on the label. Cheers !

02.27.06Sarah Lynch finished tracking...

...and then into mixing next week. The tracking sessions were very cool...the band consisted of Tim Albright (bone), Dave Smith (tpt), Pete McCann (gtrs), Phil Palumbi (basses), Mark Ferber (drums/perc) and of course Sarah's vocals and compositions. We cut 12 tunes in two days - again at Skyline Studio (just loving their live spaces, iso's and NEVE VR desk...not to mention the great staff and the mellow vibe)...and are booked to mix later this week. Stay in touch for results of the mixes, intentions for future label and perhaps a clip of the mixes...

I'm really looking forward to these mixes, Sarah's original tunes are deep lyrically and showcase some great performances by Sarah and the band. Nice job, Sarah.

02.24.06Matt Shulman gets yet more exposure...

Matt is really hustling his latest recording...in case you haven't noticed, his picture and CD cover appear on the Disc Makers catalogue front cover...and as this mag hits over 100,000 in circulation, I figure Matt has done pretty well. Marketing is really of HUGE importance when trying to get your music out there...and free advertising doesn't exactly come around that often.

The CD, as you might know is really cool...NOT a straight-ahaead project at all...for those of you not familiar with Matt's music, it is a sound all it's own...multi-phonics, vocals, it's more of a rock recording...with the sensitivity and chops of jazz players...the stuff is TOTALLY original in approach and deserves a serious listen.

Congrats on the press and exposure, Matt.

02.11.06Grupo Los Santos

Their new CD has just come back from mastering...and we are ALL real pleased. Emily Lazar over at The Lodge did a winderful and tasteful job (as usual). go to my 'spotlight' page to hear a clip from this great CD. Mixing this was a good challenge...we ended up with great results. Thanks, guys - great playing and a lot fun working with you...next time let's do the 'soup to nuts' approach ok?

02.11.06Dave Allen made King of Luxemburg...

...ok, well maybe not...but yet again Dave's CD "UNTOLD STORIES" garnered a great new review...this time in JAZZTIMES magazine...it's not online, but here's a quote:
Dave Allen, a recent addition to the New York stable, makes a fiery and
eloquent showing with Untold Stories. Joined by tenor saxophonist Seamus
Blake, bassist Carlo DeRosa and drummer Mark Ferber, Allen brings daunting
chops, full-bodied tone and melodic sensitivity to the table on this
all-original debut set.
On the haunting rubato "Searching," the midtempo straight-eighth piece
"Spring Snow," the lyrical ballad "Not Even the Rain" and the burning "Samba
7," we hear Allen in a trio setting sans Blake, filling a wide variety of
spaces with advanced lines and well-placed harmony. His penchant for
sleight-of-hand rhythm comes through on several tracks, including "In Some
Human City," "Paradigm Shift" and "Out of the Trap." In terms of technique
he's aggressive and unfailingly accurate, identifiably of the post-Metheny
school but showing the promise of originality. He throws plenty of
challenges at his top-tier bandmates, and they devour the stuff, listening
every step of the way.

Once again, congrats to Dave and the band...well deserved praise.

A clip is on my 'spotlight' page of course...

02.11.06Paul Carlon set to mix at Skyline...

We'll be mixing Paul's Octet at Skyline studio on February 20/21...this one is going to sound tremendous. All the tracking was done at Skyline as well with assistant enginner Steve's help (Steve should not be called an assistant at all...he is a great engineer in his own right!!). The basics are solid, so I am looking forward to mixing what should be a great CD.

02.11.06Ryan Kelberle to record at Right Track studio A...

Ryan and the band (an octet) are in the process of choosing dates for the tracking sessions...we picked studio A at Right Track because of the tremendous sound of the live room...and the SSL J-series that has replaced their old NEVE VR...!

We are really looking forward to working at Right Track on this one...seems a perfect fit. Looking forward to it guys...

Dates TBA

02.04.06Dave Allen gets yet another solid review...

Well, UNTOLD STORIES, Dave's most recent recording has garnered even more praise from JazzReview.com...no surprise. The tunes, arrangements, playing and vibe...all great on this record.

I am really proud to have engineered and mixed this recording - and hope that Dave will be doing another soon. See Dave at his weekly gig at PUSH in Manhattan.

02.04.06Ryan Keberle to record...

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ryan on Paul Carlon's recording in progress, now approaching the mix stage (we tracked Paul's CD at Skyline Studios). Ryan is a really talented trombone player, leader and composer with accolades a-plenty. And well deserved I might add.

Ryan has asked me to engineer his up-coming recording, an octet with a really cool line-up of great players...hopefully going into production within the next two months....really looking forward to this one as well. And thanks, Ryan - !

01.09.06Agrazing Maze gets award...

Agrazing Maze...their CD, AT THE END OF THE DAY was on the "Best of 2005" list from Allaboutjazz.com and All About Jazz magazine. Great news indeed - congrats to all concerned: Allison, Carlo, Enrique and Shane. This was recorded by Jon Miller, mixed by George Petit and is out on Foxhaven records....thanks, guys !

12.17.05Carlon's Sessions at Skyline...

Wow, man...just got out of two days at Skyline engineering tracking sessions for ten tunes with Paul and his octet. We managed to get multiple takes of each tune...about five hours of tracks for Paul to sift through over the Holiday weeks...sorry, Paul! The studio sounded fantastic - large, rich, warm ambient spaces and a really accurate control room...and with Ron Allaire there to be maintenance guru (Ron has a Grammy or two as an engineer...), the gear is the tops.
Huge thanks to the band - great energy, a real sense of cooperation and a positive vibe you can really hear on the takes. David A., Dave S, Ryan, Mike, Ileana, Paul, Beaver, Anton, and John - -great job, thanks ! And thanks to the staff at Skyline, especially Steve for a great session...see you all again soon. Mixes in January!

12.17.05Sarah Lynch to cut tracks in late January/early February...

Yeah this is cool...Sarah Lynch is a tremendously talented vocalist with a rich, 'smokey' instrument. Sarah is also a composer that gigs regularly in the City with her trio (including one of my favorite drummers, Mark Ferber).
Sarah has decided to record her music just after the New Year, and I am really pleased to be producing and engineering her project. Alan Ferber will be arranging and perhaps adding his trombone skills...he is a great, great player (with a nice CD out on Freshsounds, by the way...). Man, these Ferbers....

So stay tuned, we are on the fence as far as studio choice is concerned...but check in here and follow her progress and project news...

Thanks, Sarah - really looking forward to this gig.

12.17.05Victor Prieto's Mastering is done...

...and sounds great - - thanks again to Emily Lazar at The Lodge. I have been fortunate to form an alliance with Emily...all my projects go to The Lodge for Emily's touch. I can't say enough good things about her work, her sensitivity, professionalism - and the kindness and understanding of her staff (yeah, Scotty!).
Remember, a project is not 'done' until it is mastered by a professional mastering engineer...not some 'pal' with a great new plug-in. Get December's MIX magazine and read the editor (George Petersen's) letter for a great opinion on this matter.

Anyway, Victors trio sounds fantastic...can't wait to see what label picks it up...and hopefully soon...

Cheers !

12.17.05Victor Prieto has a photo on December's MIX...

You can't check it out online, but if you buy the hardcopy (and if you ever consider recording, you all SHOULD), you will see a photo of Victor in front of the NEVE VR on page 133....thanks to MIX for running the shot...PS: who's the fat guy in the middle?


also, in the same issue, the Editor writes a letter on the subject of correct studio, engineer and mastering choices...and he should know...this is really sage advice and you should read it often !!!! Thanks, Mr. P...

11.30.05Recording at Skyline with Paul Carlon's Octet...

This is going to be a gas. Paul Carlon has a great Octet ready to track a new CD. So we're going into Skyline to do it. Skyline is a great studio - world class indeed. It has hosted anyone from Miles to Brecker...go check out their site for a look at the live room(s). I am fortunate to have a 'rate' over there now, so hurry, hurry, hurry...another GREAT place to record and mix. Neve VR60 console, vintage mics, a Yamaha C7 formerly at Hit Factory...Skyline is great. We're going in on December 15th and 16th...likely mixing in January...will keep you updated...if you know Paul or anyone in the band, give 'em a call and support the session.
Cheers - !

11.29.05Another session at Manhattan Center Studio

Another session at MC coming up on the 6th of December...really digging working there. Another room with a Neve and all the trimmings. Wonderful drum sound out of there as well...go check out studio #4 on their site.
So we're doing a radio commercial on this one...but with a difference. We have Adam Klipple, David Ambrosio and Mark Dodge in the studio to flesh-out the musical approach...thanks guys for doing this!
"Yeah, yeah, all radio..."

Cheers - !

10.28.05Petit's New Cd is done !

It's what you are hearing as the background music to this site. I am really pleased to say that the CD was mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge (www.thelodge.com) and is in the 'shopping' phase at this point. I would like to thank the following musicians for their friendship, support and contribution to this project...Mark Dodge, Justin Flynn, Steve Hass, Thomson Kneeland, Artur Dutra, and Whitney Ashe. The CD was recorded, arranged and mixed by George Petit entirely at Walkerecordings in New York City.

...let you know when it has found its rightful 'home'!


10.19.05Petit mixes Victor Prieto's Trio...

Yeah...Victor is an outrageous man. Victor's recent trio recording featuring Carlo Derosa on bass and Allison Miller on Drums was mixed at Manhattan Center Studios on their Neve VR72 console. Man, we had a great time at the sessions and the mix sounds really strong. The mixes are being mastered this month over at The Lodge by Emily Lazar...yet another great project goes to Emily. Check back for Victors label and release dates...and be sure to check out the trio whenever you can...it is a really fresh approach to trio.

See ya -

08.09.05Going Freelance !

Hey there - thanks for checking out the site. As you might know, I closed walkerecordings studio recently...seems a lot of my time has been spent producing or engineering at other Manhattan studios, which I really dig. So I have decided to close my studio and go totally freelance...less coffee stains to clean up at the end of the day! This will also give me time to play and write a lot more and shop my new project to some labels...

So, I am still doing the engineering and producing thing, just at other rooms...so give me a call or email me if you want to do some work together - I have some great rates at some really top studios in town...and out of town for that matter...cheers!