'Circle Dance' off Tri-Fi's STARING INTO THE SUN

Tri-Fi releases yet another beautiful album...

'She Knows Me' a beautiful ballad from OUT OF THE BLUE

New York guitarist and composer, Adam Smale! Congrats on the new CD...

Drew Zingg Debut Album Project

Drew Zingg's debut album.
With Vinnie Colaiuta, Will Lee, George Whitty and some others...like Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Monet Owens, Christine Lynch...

Anthony Wilson - "Elyria" from Campo Bello

Anthony Wilson's new recording ACampo Bello". I tracked this in Brazil a few months ago - it is a FANTASTIC record...congrats, AW !!!

Phil Palombi Trio

Phil Palombi Trio

Fantastic new CD by Phil Palombi. A tribute album to Scott Lafaro...Phil is joined by Don Friedman and Elliot Zigmund. We recorded at Bennett Studios...and I mixed in my own mix room.

Jon Davis

Piano great Jon Davis recorded an entire album of ballads...for solo piano. His touch is magnificent - and his sense of the journey through each song comes from years of playing with the greats of jazz...I had the pleasure of mixing this one.


Tri Fi...great Trio recording from September 2011 sessions at Bennett Studios...

Catarina !!!

Catarina Racha's (aka Catarina Dos Santos) new record...a fantastic debut. Catarina is a super percussionist, arranger and writer...and that wonderful voice is ALSO Catarina !! I really love the textures of this record...tracked in Angola and Portugal, Catarina asked me to mix and co-produce...and with the help of my main man, Kevin Porter, we did this over at the old Legacy Studios on west 38th Street...and by the way it was ALL mixed 'in the box'...just proves my point about e-mixing, right?

...at a background vocal session...

...at a background vocal session...

Robin has finished her debut CD as of a couple of weeks ago...so here' is a clip from it...this tune is entitled CHRISTMAS MOON...and so far has generated a great deal of interest - it is reminding people of the type of song that could well have been performed by Rosemary Clooney or Nat King Cole...a 'Christmas standard' it you will...band members include Will Galison, David Ratajczak, Wally Usiatynski, David Ambrosio, Jeremy Beck, and me...Kevin Porter and I mixed this - again over at Legacy Recording Studios...
A great fun project from a really special and talented writer and singer...Robin and I co-wrote some of the material on the record, Robin being also responsible for lyrics...great stuff, Rob ! I produced and engineered. Keep your eye on Robin !

Paul Carlon hits it hard...again !

Paul Carlon hits it hard again with ROOTS PROPAGANDA !!!
This is the second CD I have had the pleasure of tracking and mixing for Paul and his octet. The tracking was done here in NYC at Legacy and mixed in Sao Paulo, Brazil a few months back when Paul, Max and I were all there together.
The album is really killer. Paul is the leader, composer, arranger and a pretty scary sax/flute and m'bira player as well...he is really a tremendous musician.
Paul draws on his life-long love of jazz, latin and African music forms and of course, the blues...the band sounds 'like a band' on this record as well.
This one has been getting great reviews and recent airplay on NPR as well...please go to CDBaby and pick this one up !

Amy Lennard...

Hey - check this out - I got the call from Amy Lennard to help mix her debut CD and three of my mixes appear on the CD...it's American rock & Roll, folks...no Jazz here. Amy is a remarkable writer and singer - her new band includes Tony Tino, Dan Vonnegut, Marc Shulman and Oz Noy...pretty tough to beat.
The music is real, honest and strong with a great lyric we can all identify with...

Thanks, Amy for the chance to work with you - I hope to again !

Cheers -

OK-OK's New Release...

OK-OK !! Now here's a cool recording...This is an 'alternative' jazz/avant group...I had the pleasure of mixing this some time back with the assistance of Yvan Bing over at The Cutting room.
I love this CD...does NOT fit into any of your pure genres...and perhaps that is what I dig so much. All great players in the band with temendous experience and training...and CHECK OUT Kyoko-san's lead vocal on this tune...and dig the processing !
These guys gave me carte blanche - a rare gift - and I had a blast mixing this music...please check it out, either here or on their website - and do buy the CD...it's a gas.


Eugenia, Me, Eduardo and Zeca at Na Cena last week...

Eugenia, Me, Eduardo and Zeca at Na Cena last week...

This is my new friend - Eugenia. And here is an example of a pre-production piece we just completed in Brazil, at Na Cena studios. With Eduardo, her long-time producer and guitarist, the three of us have forged a strong team and are about to embark on a full CD project together, with Eduardo and I sharing the Producer's chair, me engineering and mixing. I am VERY impressed with Eugenia - her voice, her discerning choice of material and her energy. I am so pleased to be working together with Eugenia and Eduardo on this upcoming project. We will be tracking at Na cena in May or June - mix location TBA. Thanks, guys for the fun project !

Lalo's new recording, URBAN MYTHS

Lalo's new recording, URBAN MYTHS

Lalo...just a tremendous vibes player and composer...and leader! I had the pleasure of engineering the tracking session for Lalo a couple of months back. I was really knocked out by the playing, the tunes, the vibe and above all, the wonderful communication and 'feeling' the players all had for each other and the music. Kevin Porter assisted, as per usual, Judson Produced (with Lalo of course), and the result is a GREAT CD...super music, and great sound. Many thanks to Lalo and Jud for the session - anytime, guys !

Musicians Max Pollak, Rob Jost, Kenny Rampton and Greg Patillo...and LALO !

robin skye listening to a mix at legacy studio 'A'...

robin skye listening to a mix at legacy studio 'A'...

robin skye has been singing and appearing on broadway for years. she is a real pro...so we got together and penned a couple of tunes together and recorded them, along with a few that robin wrote on her own. we had dave ratajczak on drums, jeremy beck on hammond and rhodes, david ambrosio on bass and I did all the guitar work. I engineered and mixed with my good friend and great engineer, Yvan Bing, now chief engineer at dinemec studios in geneva, switzerland. here is one tune from the project...I adore the groove that the 'dave section' lay into, and I think robin sounds fantastic...really fantastic. I think we will be writing again soon and hopefully adding the tunes to this project...and then mastering a CD. that would be cool, right?

Alper Yilmaz "Clashes"

Here is a great example from Alper Yilmaz's new CD "Clashes"...with wonderful performances by Dave Binney, Andy Senesi, Mike McGinnis, Jon davis and a host of others, Alper (bass and compositions) has released a beauty...reminiscent of the Weather Report years, this CD is a pleasure to listen to. GREAT grooves and tunes...thanks again for the gig Alper, and congrats on the release!

Rob Garcia's Sangha

Rob Garcia's group, Sangha have made a beautiful recording here. This Cd is wonderful...a band that sounds like a band, great compositions and performances. I can't say enough great things about this recording (I had the pleasure of mixing it for Rob). This is my favorite tune off the CD...although that was a tough choice to have to make! The CD is called HEART'S FIRE...and I would strongly suggest you pick it up...and catch these guys when they play out.
Congratulations, Rob and the band on this project...and thanks for the great music!

Paul Carlon Octet's "Other Tongues"

Paul Carlon and his octet recorded this great ptoject with me (engineer and mix) at Skyline studio...the arrangements and performances are terrific...they were joined by Max Pollak on tap (rhumbatap!) and Ileana Santamaria on vocals and Buddy Terry on tenor. Steve Geuting assisted at a truly great studio...this is a smokin' record...thanks, Paul!

Cady's New CD...debut !

Cady McClain's "Blue Glitter Fish" debut CD has been released. I am very proud of having produced and co-engineered (with Yvan Bing) this CD with Cady and other great musicians including Shane Endsley, Adam Klipple, David Ambrosio, Mark Dodge, Nick Banns, David Ratacjzak and Sera Buras. We tracked and mixed at Legacy Studio (formerly Right Track) here in NYC. The record was mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge. There are great photos of the session on my photos link...the CD can be downloaded at Cady's site...or purchased at CDBaby or itunes...congrats, Cady ! A tremendous mix of genres with vivid lyrics and great vocal performances...this CD was a gas to do.

Big Train - Flynn/Bacon/Ballard/Okegwo...fantastic group !

Big Train - Flynn/Bacon/Ballard/Okegwo...fantastic group !

Flynn/Bacon/Ballard/Okegwo's new record, BIG TRAIN...here is an example from this tremendous CD, entirely recorded and mixed at Right Track studio A-509 in New York City. This tune is called KOAN...but you should all pick this CD up - the playing, writing and arrangements are really killing.

Gruppo Los Santos' recent CD release

This is a clip from Grupo Los Santos recent recording. William Beaver Bausch on drums, Pete Smith on guitars, Paul Carlon on tenor, David Ambrosio on nass and Max Pollak on...tap! The recording was recently mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge...Emily masters the majority of my projects and is an irreplaceable part of the team when recording a CD project.
I love this CD...this group has such a wonderful vibe - you can really hear that they are having fun playing together. The compositions are energetic, interesting musically and really bridge many influences.
I had the pleasure of mixing this CD back at Walkerecordings Studio before its demise...and the guys seem to love this mix...we managed to 'save' a lot of sounds by working together...the beand telling me what their concepts were and what they didn't dig about the basics...we went from there.

Congrats to these guys - I really think that this will find a great label home soon...LOHO ?? We hope so - wish them luck.




Dave has recently been well reviewed...again...check out my 'NEWS' link to read it - and some great comments on the Jazz label business here in the USA...

Victor's new release on ZOHO records

Victor Prieto Trio
Here is an example - a preview if you will - from Victors recently mastered project...I had the pleasure of mixing this one at Manhattan Center Studios. Check back for label news...and best of luck to Allison Miller (drums), Victor and Carlo Derosa (bass). Pictured left to right are : Halsey Quemere (asst. eng.), Petit, Victor Prieto.

Dafnis Prieto's tremendous CD "About The Monks"

Dafnis Prieto's recent release "About the Monks" is slammin'...I was honored to do the mixing on this CD. Dafnis just got off the road with Michel Camilo...maybe you heard them at the Blue Note...tremendous. Huge congrats to Dafnis and the band...and he's a new Papa !!

Carlo Vutera - a wonderful singer, a super record of Boleri...

Carlo Vutera, a critically acclaimed operatic tenor (who has performed worldwide), has combined his love of the music of Naples with the rhythm of Cuban Bolero. His silky, yet muscular voice and interpretations of these songs are well supported by a group of wonderful Cuban and American musicians. Check out his www site for links to an ABC interview and a great video shot in Havana...this CD was recorded and mixed in my New York studio and in Cuba...this is a great project.